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Best News All Year
2005-09-19 10:18
by Mark T.R. Donohue

Well, Jeff Francis's extremely solid, series-winning performance in Phoenix is good news. Also: Colorado K/BB: 5 and 8, Arizona: 6 and 4. You know how happy that makes me. But I was referring to this breaking story off of the AP wires that lovable Expos mascot Youppi! has been hired on by the NHL's Canadiens. He looks adorable in a Habs uniform, too. If Youppi! wasn't a lock for the Mascot Hall of Fame already, this should clinch it: according to Montreal's marketing manager, this is the first time a mascot has ever switched over in pro sports. I live for stories like this.

Four games at home against San Diego starting tonight. It'll be S. Kim-Lawrence, B. Kim-Williams, Day-Peavy, and Cook-Eaton. Realistically the Rockies will get shelled in Zach Day's start but wouldn't it be fabulous to sweep the division champs apparent? That'll give the national media something to take notice of -- although of course it will only be more wailing about how awful the NL West is and how the league needs to change the playoff rules.

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