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Rookie Fever
2005-09-26 17:42
by Mark T.R. Donohue

Something I forgot to mention earlier: Clint Hurdle is toying with the idea of starting nine rookies in one of the remaining games this year, logically one started by Mike Esposito or Jeff Francis. It won't be tonight. This hasn't happened in the major leagues since 1963. Kind of a cheap bid for some national press, but then again, many of the rookies the Rockies have are better than their "veteran" alternatives -- Omar Quintanilla is better than Aaron Miles, J.D. Closser is better than Danny Ardoin, and Choo Freeman is at least equivalent to Dustan Mohr. (Ryan Shealy isn't better than Todd Helton, but he is vastly more cost-effective -- if the Rockies have a poor start next season, this could become an issue.) I don't know why exactly Colorado would want to draw attention to the fact that they're racing to the bottom in payroll but it's not my team to run.

I like the Chiefs tonight, although my interest in the game is somewhat diminished due to the fact that thanks to Shaun Alexander my fantasy victory for the week is already secure. Trent Green hasn't done anything for me so far this year but seeing as his backups are Chad Pennington and Gus Frerotte, he's not getting benched any time soon. Show me something, Trent! After watching the Broncos get called for too many men on the field last week when a bunch of idiots ran out to celebrate a punt return touchdown before the returner got into the end zone, I will be surprised each and every time Denver wins a football game the rest of this season. You're a bum, Shanahan. What is it about this state and horrible coaching? Thank goodness for Fisher DeBerry.

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