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The End of the Season...Exciting, but Also the End!
2005-09-30 20:54
by Mark T.R. Donohue

I did something I rarely do this morning -- I put on my Yankees hat. The last time I did this was after Game 3 of the ALCS last year. It seemed to have the intended effect that time. I only have a Yankees hat for completeness's sake (although the introduction this year of a hideous "alternate" Orioles lid has wrecked my formerly completed set of fitted MLB game caps) and for express jinxing purposes. I would switch now to my White Sox gamer to help Cleveland get in, but I don't want to press my luck here. It's the New York cap all weekend. I may even sleep in it. Forgive me, Mom and Dad. So far, so good at least.

Meanwhile in a game watched by nobody, the Mets beat the Rockies. Matt Holliday needs one more homer for twenty on the year. Florida and Washington each need one more win to keep the whole NL East above .500 (they've already along with New York guaranteed that no one will finish below that mark). I will admit that I did peek in on the Brewers a few times, and they rewarded me by beating Pittsburgh. One more win guarantees them a winning record as well. It would also keep them ahead of the Cubs for third in the NL Central, which is very funny to me. (Chicago for their part narrowly beat Houston tonight to keep Philadelphia in the postseason mix for one more day at least.)

OK, I must turn my attention back to the Cleveland-Chicago game. Go, pennant races!

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