Baseball Toaster Bad Altitude
Series in Progress
2005-10-06 13:56
by Mark T.R. Donohue

I flew from Denver to Chicago to visit my folks yesterday and between cleaning my apartment, taking five cases of empty Diet Coke cans out to the recycling, and choosing which video game system to bring home (I went for the PS2 because the XBox is, well, heavy) I didn't have time to complete my Houston-Atlanta preview. I have the notes for it around here somewhere and I'm going to try and write it up before Game Two starts. I promise I won't let the Astros' blowout win in the first game effect the results.

Didn't see much of that game as I was on a plane, but I saw the other two. Didn't I tell you Ben Molina was the man? Seems like something I would say. I feel bad for Tony Graffanino but like SI's Tom Verducci says, David Wells threw the pitch Tadahito Iguchi clubbed. I'm pulling pretty hard for the Red Sox to win two in Boston not because I particularly have a rooting interest either way, but because my mom bought my dad and I tickets to Game 5 on eBay. Go, Schill! Go, Wake!

Well, like every time I visit my parents, everything with a cord in the house needs fixing. I'm going to get on top of that now and I will check back in later with your belated Braves-Astros breakdown. Hey, if you are reading these, will you drop me a line to say so? They take kind of a lot of work and I won't do the Championship Series if it turns out the audience for my Rockies blog died with the Rockies season.

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