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Momentum is Only as Good as the Next Game's Starting Pitcher
2005-10-19 21:58
by Mark T.R. Donohue

It's funny how many smart baseball people were as good as convinced that the Astros were done for after Albert Pujols' big homer in Game 5. Even with St. Louis having the final two games in their place, the Astros still only had to win one game while the Cards had to win two. Those are not good odds. Well, enter Roy Oswalt. He made Game 6 as anticlimactic as could be. Hardly any balls even made it out of the infield as the Astros manufactured all the runs they needed and the St. Louis offense again disappeared on the big stage. What's with La Russa and the postseason, anyway?

No matter who wins the World Series between Houston and Chicago, history of some kind will be made. That's a good situation. It's also a meeting of the third and fourth largest cities in the United States. While these teams may not have the national appeal of the Yankees and Red Sox, Fox should have nothing complain about. Roger Clemens will face Jose Contreras in Game One on Saturday. How about that matchup? Will Ozzie Guillen attempt to play two series in a row almost entirely without using his bullpen? Will Jeff Bagwell be healthy enough to DH? Will either team be able to score any runs? Here it comes, folks. This is what they play the whole season for.

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