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Game Three: Pretty Pathetic
2005-10-26 07:23
by Mark T.R. Donohue

OK, I realize this is hardly the biggest story from last night, but is anyone going to tell the Fox broadcasters that the first "D" in "Podsednik" is silent? No? I guess it's not the worst thing about this series ending in a sweep (and doesn't everyone think it will, now, with Freddy Garcia facing Brandon Backe in Game 4?) that McCarver and Buck won't get a chance to correct their mistake. Also, Buck has Paul Konerko's name wrong as well. It's called a media guide, Joe. Embrace it.

The Astros' offensive totals, from the ninth inning through the fourteenth: eight walks, one hit batsman, one reached on error, zero hits. That's just really, really bad. Orlando Hernandez, Damaso Marte, Bobby Jenks, and Luis Vizcaino were hardly dominant for the White Sox. The Houston batters were just wildly flailing, clearly feeling the pressure. By all means the story should have been Jason Lane bailing out Roy Oswalt, Brad Lidge earning redemption, and Chad Qualls being simply dominant. But instead, Geoff Blum -- a former Astro, natch -- is the hero and Ezequiel Astacio, who probably shouldn't have even been on the roster, the goat. Not that the vast majority of Americans were still watching or for that matter had even tuned in in the first place.

Not that it will be of much consolation to Fox (who frankly, deserve worse, not only for Buck and McCarver but also for moving "Arrested Development" to Mondays and inexplicably continuing to air "American Dad"), but this will probably go down as the most dramatic four-game World Series of all time. I understand that's kind of like being the world's tallest midget, but for those few of you who have been hanging on every pitch, are you not entertained? The two team's rather poor offenses and two differently entertaining managers have provided for close games with lots of twists and turns and weird decisions. How about Ozzie bringing in Mark Buehrle, ace closer? How about Garner's vigorous chair toss? Geoff Blum, with all of one at-bat under his belt in the postseason until last night, was articulate and funny in his postgame press conference, admitting he was trying to be glib because he couldn't think of a way to honestly express the things he was feeling after hitting a home run in extra innings in a World Series. Even the least-watched World Series of all time.

In Houston's newspaper, Richard Justice and John Lopez concede defeat. 'Round Chicago way, Jay Mariotti delicately congratulates Blum, noting how sharply Chicago GM Ken Williams was criticized for making him the team's only trade deadline addition while avoiding mentioning the fact that it was he, Mariotti, who was the loudest critic. The Tribune is already concerned with returning the lineup for a title defense. And ESPN's Chicago-based columnist Gene Wojciehowksi rips America a new one for tuning out the excellent drama of the series so far. I agree, Gene, but did you have to rip "Gilmore Girls?" I for one am very concerned about Rory and Lorelai's estrangement.

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