Baseball Toaster Bad Altitude
2005-12-08 19:11
by Mark T.R. Donohue

Ray King, Jose Mesa, and Yorvit Torrealba in, Aaron Miles and Larry Bigbie (and possibly Marcos Carvajal) out. With the exception of Carvajal (and that's just speculation at this point), the Rockies are getting something for nothing here. King (trade with the Cardinals) is cheap and left-handed. Mesa (free agent signing) is old but not a huge risk as a one-year signing with no attached draft pick cost. Torrealba has shown some flashes in the past with the Giants and in any event a platoon with he and Danny Ardoin will give the Rockies excellent defense at the catcher position. With Aaron Miles gone, one would assume Luis "N.R." Gonzalez will be the regular starter at second and perhaps Colorado can afford to get no offense out of their catchers. Or maybe Torrealba will hit, who knows. It's not impossible.

In any case, the Rockies seem to working their way through the offseason without losing anybody major, making potentially helpful little additions here and there while not laying out any ridiculous salary commitments. There are worse strategies. Byung-Hyun Kim has been offered arbitration, so we're still at least in the running there. I haven't heard his name in connection with anybody else...yet.

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