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2006-01-23 17:31
by Mark T.R. Donohue

OK, when is the Kobe game going to be on ESPN Classic? And how many other people fired up the Lakers and the Raptors in NBA 2K6 this morning to see if they could replicate the feat?

Minor elbow surgery for Todd Helton. Well, that's a good sign.

Ringolsby: Zach Day has the inside shot for the fifth starter spot because of Sunny Kim's participation in the World Baseball "Classic." Well, Tracy, it is true that Rockies brass won't be able to keep a close eye on Kim's outings in Tokyo. But they'll still get to see Day pitch, and I assume they can read box scores.

The estimable Jon Weisman (writing for on the NL West in 2006. Great lead: "Have you ever gone a year without a date? Or a job? Or a date and a job? Or a date and a job and a shower?" Jon, that's just mean. I thought we were colleagues.

And finally, video footage of the proposed "rolling roof" for Kansas City's baseball and football stadiums. (Warning: off-color humor follows.) It looks kind of like a giant space condom. Meaning after the game, you can peel it off and discard it into New Soldier Field.

2006-01-24 06:40:56
1.   TFD
"into the new Soldier Field"

Now that funny, and oh sooooo true.

Nice thoughts Mark.

PS - I'm still waiting to see that post to justify how Dan O'Dowd has a job...

Best, TFD

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