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I Got Nothin'
2006-01-26 20:26
by Mark T.R. Donohue

I hate to not write anything for a few days, but is it really worth chiming in on the non-acquisitions of Jim Brower and Brian Meadows? I mean, come on. There's Denny Neagle trial news if you want it, but that has no bearing on the 2006 Rockies, and, well, go look at the picture. I think we'd all just as soon forget the whole thing.

I was going to note the presence of several interesting names in the increasingly complex Coco Crisp deal, but now it looks like there isn't going to be one. At least three of the names mentioned in the most widely-reported version of the three-way deal between Boston, Cleveland, and Philadelphia have been Dan O'Dowd targets at one point or another: Kelly Shoppach, Jason Michaels, and Josh Bard. Make of that what you will. It is a little distressing that the Red Sox were willing to give up Andy Marte for Crisp while all the Rockies could get for Preston Wilson last year was Zach Day (and J.J. Davis, who's out of the organization as far as I can tell). Lame.

The pointless two-week lead in to the Super Bowl is probably the worst extended stretch on the sports caldendar. Thank heavens for Thierry Henry...and Mamba.

2006-01-27 11:37:50
1.   JIrv
You mean you don't want to write about how your A's signed Frank Thomas? That's big news man:#..Jeff

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