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I'm Moving; The Rockies, Not So Much
2006-02-02 20:39
by Mark T.R. Donohue

Even a move to a new room in the same building is a pain. Knee pain, endless repeating halls, back pain, no Internet for two days, annoying cable guy coming to make the Internet come back...but enough about my problems.

Ryan Speier is probably out for the year. Bad news for Speier, good news for Scott Dohmann. Baseball Prospectus's free notebook has rolled around to the Rockies once again. You've heard it all before here, but there is further statistical evidence of Danny Ardoin's defensive dominance if you care to look at it.

Sunny Kim lost his arbitration hearing and Yorvit Torrealba, as expected, signed a one-year deal to avoid a hearing of his own. Neither guy is making even a million dollars so you don't need to worry about the exact figures.

Finally, Royce Clayton is now the Nationals' problem. Oh man, can you imagine a Cristian Guzman/Clayton double play combination? That would be the best thing ever.

2006-02-03 12:06:15
1.   FirstMohican
Even better, Guzman and Clayton "hitting" back to back for a "winning" team.
2006-02-03 12:06:39
2.   FirstMohican
Or... was that what you meant by double play?

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