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The Fogg Comes
2006-02-09 21:41
by Mark T.R. Donohue

Josh Fogg signs a minor-league deal with a chance to win the fifth starter spot. He probably won't. Fogg, as we've discussed, isn't good. He certainly violates the Better Than Mike Esposito principle. That's not at issue as the guys he really needs to worry about are Zach Day and Sunny Kim. At this juncture I would say the early leader is Kim, seeing as he alone among the three has in fact pitched well, if ephemerally so, for the Rockies. Fogg is not particularly good at inducing ground balls, tends to give up lots of homers, and doesn't strike people out. I mean, at least Jamey Wright had a great pickoff move. I'm not sure what this guy brings to the table.

Spring training is pretty well nigh, meaning the local media is taking a few seconds from salivating over the possibility of Terrell Owens as a Bronco to dis the Rockies. You've heard it all before. There is one amusing factual error in Jim Armstrong's Post piece however. "No other owner would have kept his GM around for six straight last- or next-to-last-place finishes," he writes. Dude, haven't you ever heard the legend of Chuck LaMar?

2006-02-10 07:58:37
1.   Pat
Fogg actually was never that terrible for us in the 'Burgh before last year. He was the kind of guy that always managed to keep you in the game. That stayed true until the flyballs he used to give up started turning into homers. I can't imagine his style of pitching will be very conducive to Coors Field at all.
2006-02-11 14:58:43
2.   Sam DC
Rockies just bought nice guy and bad hitter Jamey Carroll from the Nats for $300K. Not a bad purchase. What does Jim Bowden want with $300K?

May have been a gesture to Carroll to get him somewhere he could get some pt.

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