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Rockies 10, Padres 4
2006-04-10 21:01
by Mark T.R. Donohue

A road sweep. Eight earned runs off of Jake Peavy. Cory Sullivan with two triples in one inning. Sure, why not? The Brewers and the Tigers are getting the talk radio airtime, but Colorado's start has been no less improbable. Are they really fourth in the majors in runs scored? Are they really top ten in starters' ERA? Are they really tied for first in the NL West with San Francisco? Well, as of right now, yeah. Enjoy the moment.

I'm sure all of the real Rockies fans out there have already savored the box score from Sunday's win. It looks a lot like the other two wins over San Diego. Everybody who played got a hit and scored a run, it seems. Jason Jennings was not dominant, but doggedly effective (though the positive strikeout rate trend from his Opening Day outing was, I guess, a mirage). The bullpen, except for Sun-Woo Kim, didn't allow the Padres to make an issue of it in the late innings. Brian Fuentes had to come in for a non-save situation just to get some work. I love it.

Brad Hawpe had a homer, a triple, and three RBIs, Jason Smith had two homers and four knocked in. After the home series I was agitating for Sullivan to be moved down in the lineup; now he's hitting .400. Garrett Atkins is on fire. Smith is threatening to take poor Luis "N.R."'s job. If it wasn't for bad luck, Luis would have no luck at all. The only part in the Colorado offensive machine that's looking a little worn is Danny Ardoin, but we knew he couldn't hit coming into the season. Of course, if the Rockies are going to keep scoring ten runs a game, they won't particularly need Ardoin's ability to control the running game either. Let's get Eli Marrero back there and go for 15 runs a game against Arizona!

2006-04-11 08:54:18
1.   Kels
First off, 2006 Rockies=1927 Yankees. Just kidding, but seriously questions, When Jennings pitches why doesn't he hit in the 8th spot and put Ardoin in the 9th hole?

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