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Oh Yeah I Forgot
2006-04-15 23:11
by Mark T.R. Donohue

KC Star: Greinke eager to pitch again. That's great news. Great, great news. Royals fans really deserve something to look forward to this season and a happy, healthy Zack Greinke could be just the ticket. All the article will divulge regarding Greinke's peculiar Spring Training walkout is "emotional issues," but perhaps it's just as well that the whole story isn't being spilled out all over the sports pages.

Also, after all I wrote about the Rockies game earlier tonight, I forgot to mention that the Rockies committed yet another boneheaded baserunning play, Brad Hawpe getting caught wandering off third after a would-have-been successful Choo Freeman steal of second. Yeah, they still won by four, but this getting silly. Clint Hurdle can't bench the whole team. This after the earlier Holliday and Ardoin benchings and the Jason Smith play at third ending the game on Friday night. Kids: it's Coors Field. Stay at your base. Pretend it's beer league softball and leads are illegal if you have to. The way the offense is clicking right now one of these big innings would still be going on if only certain baserunners had remained alert. Colorado isn't talented enough to play sloppy fundamental baseball, no matter what all of these 10-run games might have you thinking.

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