Baseball Toaster Bad Altitude
I Suspect Bill Wirtz is Somehow Involved
2006-04-19 12:01
by Mark T.R. Donohue

Can anybody explain to me why Fox Sports Rocky Mountain is rerunning yesterday's Rockies-Padres game right now...instead of showing today's Rockies-Padres game, due to start in a few minutes but apparently only on radio?

2006-04-19 12:37:18
1.   Voxter
For the same reason that Fox Sports Northwest felt the need to televise a bass fishing competition that was clearly filmed months ago in far warmer climes instead of the Mariners' Patriots' Day game against Boston, I'd imagine.
2006-04-19 16:34:20
2.   Bob Timmermann
In the end it was all for the best wasn't it?
2006-04-20 03:42:23
3.   dazedcloud
I was at the game. Be grateful that only around 9,000 people saw the ineptitude that is a Zach Day start. I was already yelling for Hurdle to get someone ready in the pen when Day walked Roberts to lead off the game on four pitches, but I suppose they wouldn't listen to someone sitting in the upper deck.

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