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Welcome Back BK
2006-04-30 09:33
by Mark T.R. Donohue

The Rockies won last night despite some sloppy defense and a bad case of Clint Hurdle. Their record in one-run games continues to shine, but honestly, the game last night shouldn't have been 9-8, it should have been 15-3. Nice game for Luis Gonzalez defensively at first, however. He better stop doing that or he's going to get stuck with the "super utility" label again. Which could mean regular starts for Jamey Carroll, a fate worse than death.

Clint: Just quit it. Quit trying to prove that the team is winning due to your genius. No more stupid bunt signals. No more running the team out of innings. Let the kids play. They can.

Miguel Asencio pitched in relief last night, alerting us all that despite what some of the online pitching forms have said Byung-Hyun Kim is indeed returning to make his 2006 debut tonight. He couldn't pick a better venue (Dolphin Stadium) or team (the Marlins) for his first big-league start of the season. The Rockies spent more money on Kim this offseason than any other free agent and it'd be nice to see him come out and prove worthy of it. I have a good feeling, since he will today be facing such luminaries as Reggie Abercrombie and Chris Aguila.

Let's all take a moment this morning to acknowledge the passing of Josh Fogg's sideburns.

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