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Braves 2, Rockies 0
2006-05-01 18:15
by Mark T.R. Donohue

Tim Hudson answers the questions about the Atlanta bullpen by pitching a one-hit complete game. Well, that's one way around the problem. Jason Jennings gave up seven hits in seven innings, but really pitched nearly as well. The Braves' ground balls simply found the holes while the Rockies' didn't. Frankly, there was only one hard-hit ball out of the infield by either side the entire game, which was Brian McCann's single off the wall in right in the sixth. Brad Hawpe threw the ball on a line to get McCann out at second on that play, which provided pretty much the lone highlight of the game from a Colorado perspective.

The one hit, by the way, was a single by Jennings in the third.

The game took a crisp two hours, seven minutes.

It may be time to think about decreasing Danny Ardoin's playing time (further). The man simply cannot hit. It's a concern. I don't mean to pick on Danny on a day when not a single Rockies position player could muster a safety, but it's gotten to the point where opposing pitchers treat Ardoin as if he himself were a pitcher at the plate -- they throw mid-eighties fastballs down the middle and wait for Ardoin to get himself out. How is J.D. Closser hitting in AAA, you ask? Well, I'm glad you did, because I have the numbers right here. .286/.367/.414. Yorvit Torrealba has yet to even begin a rehab assignment for a right shoulder strain. Apparently as of Saturday he couldn't even throw for back-to-back days. Miguel Ojeda is off to a good start, but realistically he's a backup. Ardoin, on the other hand, was a career minor leaguer until last season for a reason. With the terrible, irrelevant '05 Rockies, he made for a good story. Now he might be costing them games that could matter later. And although Ardoin did nail Marcus Giles trying to steal today, his performance in that area has been way down -- he's now 3 for 13 on the season. At the very least, when Jason Jennings starts and Ardoin plays, Jennings should hit eighth.

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