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New Things That Are the New Old Things
2006-05-11 09:51
by Mark T.R. Donohue

Purple is the new black. "Veronica Mars" is the new "Buffy." Albert Pujols is the new Barry Bonds. Don't pitch to him. I mean, seriously, don't pitch to him.

Losing two of three to the Cardinals at New Busch isn't the worst fate in the world, I suppose. At least the Rockies looked like they belonged on the field with the other team, which wasn't the case in many series last year. I'm not very happy with nine strikeouts and zero walks from Colorado's hitters, but their pitchers struck out eight and walked one, which is good. Ramon Ramirez is really making me regret all the mean things I wrote about him in the immediate aftermath of the Shawn Chacon trade last year. Ooh, plus, the only Rockies player to sacrifice bunt in this game was Byung-Hyun Kim, the pitcher. I sense progress.

Next up, the Astros. We swept 'em at our place, now we go to theirs. Jason Jennings, Aaron Cook, and Jeff Francis are set to go for the Rockies, which sets up some nice matchups. After Jennings and Fernando Nieve tomorrow, it'll be Cook and Roy Oswalt on Saturday, and Jeff Francis and Andy Pettite on Sunday. Yesterday ended a stretch of 20 games in 20 days for Colorado; the Rockies went 12-8.

I did do that interview for Sportsbloggers Live. The show will appear on their website later this afternoon. Listen in, and also e-mail them and encourage them to continue covering the Rockies. I did a lot of radio in high school, and I quite fancy becoming an on-air personality. The only thing that separates me from most of the baseball talking heads on the air is I don't begin every sentence by saying "Well, when you talk about [name of team or player you are talking about]...."

2006-05-11 12:21:52
1.   Ali Nagib
But if you don't tell me who you're talking about, how am I supposed to know who it is? Unless.......
2006-05-11 20:55:40
2.   Ken Arneson
Just listened to your segment. Nice work!
2006-05-11 21:07:22
3.   Mark T.R. Donohue
Going into the interview I kept reminding myself to mention how great Jeff Francis is. Because Jeff Francis is like, so great. Then I went and named virtually every player on the roster, including Danny Ardoin, and forgot Francis. If they have me back I'm going to talk about nothing else.
2006-05-12 09:56:46
4.   Kels
I missed the show, do they have it for download anywhere? I can't find it…..
2006-05-12 11:49:45
5.   Mark T.R. Donohue
If you click on the link above it starts playing automatically. My segment is about 23:40 in.
2006-05-12 14:26:36
6.   Kels
Cool, thanks!

PS…the Rockies are moving on up in the world of Power Rankings….they are Top 10 now in the ESPN rankings, Sports Illustrated rankings, and Fox Sports ranking

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