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All Hail Ramon Ramirez
2006-05-14 11:08
by Mark T.R. Donohue

If you'd asked before the season I would have told you there'd be no way the Rockies would field a Rookie of the Year candidate, having used virtually every warm body in AAA and AA on the major league team at some point or another last year. So enter Ramon Ramirez, who nobody had any idea about. I mean, he was a Yankees prospect. But he's a bona fide rookie, and here he has 15 1/3 scoreless innings to begin his career. That's pretty good.

OK, I want to watch this game, so I won't write long here. But the Rockies have Eli Marrero playing catcher today, their one network television game of the week and the night after a big win. Marrero apparently hasn't started at catcher for three years.

This is very interesting for a number of reasons.

2006-05-15 19:34:50
1.   still bevens
Well. It was a good run while it lasted.

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