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Rockies 5, Dodgers 1
2006-05-17 10:50
by Mark T.R. Donohue

See, what'd I tell you about Byung-Hyun Kim? He had 'em all the way. Brad Hawpe good (three-run homer and an RBI single), Matt Holliday great (4 for 4). And the bullpen is back, for a day at least.

Today it's a day game concluding the series with the Dodgers, Jason Jennings facing Brad Penny. Jennings needs to regain some confidence after his ugly sixth inning in Houston the last time out. Los Angeles has a few minor injuries to contend with (and personally, I decided not to go to this game because Jeff Kent probably won't play). Should be another low-scoring game, which will further ridiculous talk about the humidor. Words to the wise: It's not the humidor. It's the pitchers.

2006-05-17 11:06:06
1.   Bob Timmermann
"It's the pitchers."

Stupid Occam's Razor style of thinking ...

2006-05-17 12:12:57
2.   Kels
Well, JJ had a better first inning than BK had last about 6 base runners...and 25 pitches. I'm predicting a nice win today.

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