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Rockies Win; Nothing Else Significant Happens in Game
2006-05-28 23:27
by Mark T.R. Donohue

I usually link to the game recaps out of force of habit more than anything else; I don't think they're inherently better or worse than any other baseball wrapups you can read on the Internet. (Except for the ones by the beat writers, which are usually pretty bad.) This one however you should take special care to read. Why? Because there's absolutely nothing about the game in the "recap." It's all about Barry Bonds and his non-record-breaking home run. The only Colorado player mentioned is Byung-Hyun Kim, along with some nonsense about BK's ancient history. Do you think Byung-Hyun Kim cares about giving up Barry Bonds' 715th home run? Well, did he win the game? Why, yes, he did. Colorado jumped out to a six-run lead and mostly kept it. BK had an RBI, even. You can feel however you like about Bonds' "accomplishment," but I'm concerned primarily with the Rockies getting out of their long boring losing streak, and that's just what happened. Hooray for us.

I'm going to Wrigley Field tomorrow and Tuesday, and as a fan of bad baseball teams, my timing is impeccable. This Cubs game on Sunday -- did you see this? How can you possibly allow eight homers, hit none, and lose in extra innings? Oh, and have a ball bounce off your third baseman's head. I don't know how they're possibly going to top that game, but they're the Cubs, and every time I see the Cubs in person, something insane happens. I catch a home run, or Brad Hawpe pegs Mark Prior in the elbow with a comebacker, or the game goes into extra innings after a three-hour rain delay, or Sammy Sosa gets ejected for corking his bat, or Mark Bellhorn hits homers from opposite sides of the plate in the same inning. I wasn't at the Steve Bartman game (although I was at Game One of that series), but besides that, if it's freaky and happened to the Cubs the last several years, I was probably there. It's no wonder I can't work up the enthusiasm to actively root for Chicago anymore -- just leaving one of their games without sustaining physical harm to my own person is a miracle.

So, yeah, we'll see how these next two go.

2006-05-29 15:30:50
1.   maynard8
Okay-I undrestand that the Rockies are having a good year, that they're in contention for the first time in God knows how long, and that you're mad the media treated your win against the Giants as an afterthought to Bonds' homer. But to put scare quotes around that homer, calling it an "accomplishment" is a little silly. There aren't a lot of options as to how one can "feel" about the homer. It's an enormous achievement, whether anyone likes Bonds or not. Sorry. I like your blog, I have it linked on my site ( but give the man the credit he deserves.
2006-05-29 15:42:42
2.   Mark T.R. Donohue
Hitting 700 homers is great. Three (American) guys have done it, ever, and that's pretty elite company. However, going from 714 to 715? Not such a big deal. Particularly given how drawn-out the wait for it was and how most people who follow baseball closely are far more interested in Albert Pujols, the Tigers, where Roger Clemens might sign, the sudden depth of the NL West...about a million things. Bonds didn't break anybody's record yesterday. If he gets to 756, I'll give him propers. But like many people, I kind of hope he doesn't.
2006-05-29 18:45:15
3.   De Ruijter
So wait . . . 700 is an accomplishment, but 715 isn't? I'm supposed to be "far more interested" in the Nationals, er, Tigers than Bonds? The "drawn-out wait" for Bonds to pass Ruth made it less interesting than Roger Clemens relatively brief decision about retirement or signing up for a few more months? Bonds should only get his "propers" if he passes Aaron? Do you really believe this, or is it just spite?
2006-05-29 19:00:21
4.   Mark T.R. Donohue
2006-05-30 17:48:50
5.   maynard8
Nice to see the man admit his comments are driven by spite. Now admit you really don't expect the Rockies to win the West.

Not that I'm rooting aginst them, but I gotta go with the Mercenaries, I mean the Dodgers.

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