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It Was a Good Day
2006-06-15 13:46
by Mark T.R. Donohue

Hard to say what I'm more excited about, the Rockies completing a four-game sweep of the Nationals on the backs of Jason Jennings (eight innings, zero earned runs) and Brad Hawpe (a homer and four RBIs) or England averting a near-disastrous draw with minnow Trinidad and Tobago thanks to two Liverpool stars notching late goals. First it was Peter Crouch, hero of tall, skiny, gawky guys everywhere, scoring on a David Beckham cross so perfect Crouch would have been hard-pressed to not head it past Shaka Hislop. Then Premier League MVP Steven Gerrard added a gorgeous midrange left-footer in added time to make the game look vastly less even than it actually was. Boy, Trinidad and Tobago ought to have put the fear of God in Sven-Goran Eriksson. The English are going to have to pick up their play a great deal if they're going to get past a possible first knockout-stage matchup with Germany.

Keith Law on the Diamondbacks' Russ Ortiz release: "They won't be eating one cent, because the money was already gone. The Diamondbacks ate that money the moment the ink dried on Ortiz's laughingstock of a contract." It's believed that the $22 million which Arizona still owes Ortiz is the greatest amount ever to be paid to a player given his outright release. But that record may not last long. I sense a developing trend. For example, the Seattle Mariners owe Adrian Beltre thirty-five and a quarter million dollars for 2007-2009. Beltre, .234/.293/.337, is playing well below replacement level for a third baseman at the moment. Will Seattle be wise enough to absorb the lesson about sunk costs the D-Backs have evidently learned? Says here no. But it would be pretty hysterical if the M's kicked Beltre to the curb. I guess not so much if you're a Mariner fan.

2006-06-15 15:16:16
1.   tkr888
What a horrible time for Mariners fans. Three of their four most expensive players this year are in the early to middle stages of albatross contracts: 1) Sexson: .202/.274/.377, $13,000,000, 2) Beltre, $12,900,000, and 4) Jarrod Washburn, $7,450,000.

Begging the question: Who do you DFA first?

2006-06-15 15:32:58
2.   tkr888
Also: the Mariners owe Sexson $28 million for 2007-2008 and Washburn something on the order of $28-29 million for 2007-2009.
2006-06-15 16:35:09
3.   Mark T.R. Donohue
Sexson and Washburn are at least players with positive value, even if they are wildly overcompensated. Beltre they are actually paying to make them worse. At least they have Jose Lopez and King Felix to give the diehards someone worth watching over the next three or four years, which will be ugly indeed.
2006-06-15 18:45:55
4.   Bob Timmermann
Just 2 games separate first from last in the NL West.

The "worst" teams are 2 games over .500.

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