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Let's Beat the Rangers
2006-06-23 17:46
by Mark T.R. Donohue

The Rockies have had some issues in the past with winning on the road and showing up for interleague series. This season, these trends have somewhat reversed themselves. If this was to continue, it would make me feel much more confident in the current BP Playoff Odds Report, which says that Colorado has a close to 22% of playing extra games this season. That would be sweet.

The Mets have the highest playoff odds in the majors, according to BP's simulations. Over 98%. Wow. Nobody else is anywhere near that much of a lock, with the Tigers a distant second at 83.75%. I'm watching the Cardinals and Tigers right now. Am I ready to admit that I was wrong about Detroit? Not hardly! They still have a lot of season to play, and conveniently (for me) the second-best team in the majors, the White Sox, are in the same division. I still don't quite see how Detroit's pitching will continue to perform at the level it has. It wasn't their offense I had questions about, although they certainly are maximizing their contributions from young guys like Marcus Thames and Curtis Granderson. The day they make the playoffs, I will apologize to their entire organization and fanbase for underestimating them. But no sooner! It is pretty cool that the Tigers TV network has commercials featuring Kenny Rogers, the country singer, talking about his fondness for Kenny Rogers, the left-handed pitcher. Here's what I don't get. With the best record in the major leagues and dual-gambler power, how are the Tigers only 19th in attendance?

Hey, look, the Rockies game is starting. It's The Francis Channel versus fellow young lefty John Koronka. After their all-around fine play in the Oakland series, I expect the Rockies to keep the good times rolling this weekend. Let's go, Colorado.

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