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Your 2006 Rockies: Not Ready for Their Closeup
2006-07-20 17:10
by Mark T.R. Donohue

It's a day off today, pretty much the only thing that can stop the misery for the Rockies. They lost again to Pittsburgh yesterday. That makes them 1 for their last 10. Do you want the details? Do you care? If you're like 99.8% of the greater Denver metropolitan area, you don't. The Broncos start training camp this week, and that means that once again, for all intents and purposes the Rockies season is over. They could have seized momentum after a suprisingly unawful first half, but instead they've elected to suck this year. Again. I wrote every day last year about a team that was worse than this one, so I'm not going to be a baby and stop watching the games and stop writing about Colorado, but I am going to be mean and bitter. I might even resort to sarcasm. You have been warned.

Technically the Rockies are still only five games out of first place in an NL West race that no one team seems particularly excited about winning, but let's face it: they're not good. Their hitting is still really bad, and their bullpen has undergone an all-too predictable pumpkinization. Their starting pitching is great, easily the best in franchise history, but none of their starters are dominant enough to win games all by their lonesome, so until the bullpen and offense decide to start arriving for games again, they're going to lose. A lot. It's sad, because there's only one good team in the National League this year and a team with surprisingly effective starters and Brian Fuentes could win a division series against someone besides the Mets, but the Rockies seem determined to continue mailing it in against teams they should beat like the Pirates and Diamondbacks. I hope that Dan O'Dowd has realized what I've realized this week and is shopping Jose Mesa, Josh Fogg, Byung-Hyun Kim, and all other non-essential personnel as hard as possibly can be done in a pitching-deficient market. Ray King is obviously already available. I was pleased that the Rockies didn't spend any money on useless replacement-level veteran fill-ins this year as they have for the last several, but now that we face another trade deadline as a seller, I kind of wish that we did. Did you see what the Nationals got for Gary Majewski and Royce Clayton? Unbelievable!

It's going to take me a few more days to work through the acceptance cycle and switch from looking around the rumor pages to see for whom the Rockies might trade to whom they might trade away, but I didn't start a Rockies page for Broncos fans. I'm in it for the long haul. Those of you who are left with me, let's huddle together ever more closely for warmth.

2006-07-21 07:23:11
1.   Kels
I'm still in it. I'll continue to watch the games. I will continue to scream and yell at my TV when King and Mesa enter the game. I'm looking forward to when Shealy gets traded, he deserves it and so do the Rockies. I wish we had a center fielder, I'm tired of the Cory Experiment and the Choo Experiment….oh, and the Piedra Experiment (that was scary).

I'm still hoping we can reel off 5 in a row or something just to make things a little interesting.

Anywho, I will still watch every game….if I was willing to watch all the games the last couple of years, I'm sure I can make it through the rest of this one.

2006-07-21 07:39:11
2.   Mark T.R. Donohue
Yes! That's what I want to hear! Who else is with us?
2006-07-21 10:01:43
3.   macpinchi
Frustrating. There was a period before the All-Star break when the Rox couldn't do anything wrong. Now it seems they can't do anything right.

It's so disheartening to see them squander quality start after quality start. Jennings and Cook have really goten the shaft so far this year.

I cringe every time Ray King enters a game. And yes, I'm still watching!

2006-07-21 10:09:45
4.   Kels
The only thing that I would trust Ray King to enter would be The Coney Island Hot Dog Eating Contest.
2006-07-21 10:15:12
5.   macpinchi
What in the world happened to Fuentes during that one game when he gave up six in 1/3 inning. I've never seen such a total meltdown from any closer, much less one of his caliber.

Hope I never see that from him again!

2006-07-21 10:23:10
6.   Mark T.R. Donohue
Well, if I'm not mistaken, that was a classic "bringing the closer in for a non-save situation" meltdown. Ask Willie Randolph and Billy Wagner, they'll tell you all about it.

But honestly, I have no idea. Perhaps Fuentes has already psychologically adapted to his late-career future as the new millennium's answer to Jesse Orosco and the Rockies' coaching staff can't bring him back.

2006-07-21 10:25:17
7.   macpinchi
Hey, you think maybe Jesse's available?


2006-07-21 10:35:36
8.   Mark T.R. Donohue
I would trade Ray King for Orosco straight up this minute.
2006-07-21 10:59:43
9.   Kels
Would you trade Ray King for Russ Ortiz?


But seriously, since the Reds like to make stupid trades maybe we can trade Mesa and King for Griffey…

2006-07-21 12:39:27
10.   JIrv
I've watched every game I could since 93' and it's been fun this year for the first time in a while. I also will continue to look in with a hair of hope. I do get a little excited when King comes in though, even if it's only to point at the TV and badger my wife to "look how pregnant that guy looks".
2006-07-21 13:16:24
11.   macpinchi
I'd trade Ray King for Marvin Freeman. Well... no, I wouldn't.

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