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Hall of Spit
2006-07-21 14:22
by Mark T.R. Donohue

OK, I went to the soccer store near my apartment, because I was sure there was going to be a post-World Cup clearance sale (there was). I ordered an Arjen Robben Netherlands jersey and I bought a nice-looking Steven Gerrard poster. Or at least I thought I did. When I got home and unrolled it, it actually featured an image of El-Hadji Diouf with the same "You'll Never Walk Alone" motto printed across the bottom. There are less appealing ex-Liverpool players I can think of with which to adorn my walls (this means you, Michael Owen), but not many. Diouf is not only one of a long line of high-profile failed Liverpool striker transfers, but he's also described in his Soccernet player bio as a quote "pathological expectorator." That's quite a label to carry around with you.

So, the store was nice enough to give me the Gerrard poster, but since I'd already taken Diouf out of his plastic tube and unrolled him, they figured I might as well keep that poster as well. I had wallspace already cleared out for Stevie G, but I now face a rare and unexpected quandary. What on earth am I going to do with a free El-Hadji Diouf poster?

And then it struck me. I'll shuffle around the posters in the hall leading to my bathroom (a Big Lebowski one-sheet and some of the most choice selections from my bottomless collection of Hanniganalia) and start my own Hall of Spit! I'll need Roberto Alomar, obviously, French goalkeeper Fabien Barthez, Jeremy Roenick, Keith Hernandez. Rasheed Wallace has to have spit on a ref at some point or another, right? What about Randy Moss? If you google "referee spit" the majority of the first several pages of results are incidents from soccer. "Umpire spit" is Alomar's exclusive province.

If you can recall an incident of a player in any sport hocking a loogy at an official, opponent, teammate, coach, or fan, please share! My bare hallway walls await your counsel.

2006-07-21 15:26:26
1.   Dan Lucero
Dude... Bill Romanowski is a first-ballot HoS-er. Heh heh.
2006-07-21 15:55:34
2.   deadteddy8
Don't forget Sean Taylor.
2006-07-21 16:29:32
3.   Philip Michaels
From Ted Williams' obit at

"Williams' battles with the press and the fans continued. With the National League Braves leaving Boston for Milwaukee in 1953 the Red Sox became the only game in town and the media watch on Ted intensified. On August 7, 1956, in a home game against the Yankees, Ted muffed a wind-blown fly by Mantle in the top of the 11th and was roundly booed.

After ending the half inning with a nice catch in left, a seething Williams ran to the Sox dugout, spit twice at the crowd from the top step, took a seat, then reappeared moments later for a third emphatic expectoration. He then spat his regards at the New York bench on his way to the plate, and flipped his bat in disgust after his bases-loaded walk forced in the winning run."

2006-07-21 17:21:32
4.   Mark T.R. Donohue
This is already my favorite thread ever. Another one from the world of soccer: Barcelona striker and Cameroon international Samuel Eto'o has several reported spitting incidents, both in the Spanish league and during his prior tenure with Arsenal.

I love that I've contrived a reason to use names like "El-Hadji Diouf" and "Samuel Eto'o" during the least active period on the entire soccer calendar.

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