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We Traded
2006-07-31 15:58
by Mark T.R. Donohue

Ryan Shealy and Scott Dohmann out, Denny Bautista and Jeremy Affeldt in. Affeldt is a failed starting prospect who has showed some flair as a LOOGY in the past months. Clint Hurdle can now play matchups to his heart's content. Bautista is just pretty much a failure. Personally, I think Shealy for both of those guys might not have been a fair deal for Colorado. Dohmann has a lot of potential, and he has a rabid underground fanbase. It's not his fault he's righthanded. He will be missed.

I have a favor to ask you all. My parents and I are going to the Rockies-Brewers game tonight (Aaron Cook-Chris Capuano, pretty nice pitching matchup). My folks are deeply skeptical about my plans to make a living as a baseball/pop culture talking head. If you are coming to the game tonight, it would be great if you could walk up to me and say, "Hey! It's Mark Donohue, beloved Rockies expert and operator of Bad Altitude!" We'll be sitting in the rightfield bleachers and I'll be wearing my good-luck purple Helton jersey.

2006-07-31 16:05:25
1.   gabe
Mark - me and Sam are at the game tonight. E-mail me ( and let me know where in right you're going to be. We should be able to take a walk around and say hi.
2006-07-31 16:24:26
2.   ToyCannon
They should be skeptical but plow on. You should try everthing before succumbing to an American Dilbert like job experience.
2006-07-31 16:47:45
3.   Bob Timmermann
If I were in Denver, I would have to disavow knowing you because you were wearing purple.
2006-07-31 17:06:52
4.   Mark T.R. Donohue
Bob, I make purple look goooood.
2006-07-31 21:10:13
5.   gabe
I was there, and I can confirm it. Mark Donohue makes purple look good. His parents, however, at least the father, appears to be a Brewers fan, which I think speaks for itself (ZING!!).
2006-08-01 00:15:33
6.   ofmarkskin
It was great catching up tonight and I look forward to reading your blog. I plan on calling you for your prudent insight -- hopefully not daily.

-Tim Rees

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