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2006-09-12 09:31
by Mark T.R. Donohue

Every year Sports Illustrated does something they call the Fan Value Index, which is a rating of ballparks as nebulous as those U.S. News and World Report college rankings and about as closely to linked to actual user mileage. For what it's worth they have Coors Field as #2, second only to Angel Stadium. What tipped the scales? Well, I'm no scientician, but the fact that they won the World Series four years ago and we didn't may have contributed. Several of the clubs in the top ten (Colorado, Pittsburgh, Milwaukee, Kansas City) owe their high rankings to pristine stadiums, manageable local traffic, cheap parking, affordable ticket prices, and short concession lines, all of which are the partial product of crummy attendance. So be it. The SI writeup has a lot of perceptive things to say about Coors, not least that too few of the fans in attendance have much if any interest in the baseball being played there. Nice conclusion, though: "Coors also delivered what so many new baseball palaces promise but never accomplish: anchoring a revitalization of a previously downtrodden neighborhood into a hip section of town filled with people, restaurants and shops. Sometimes tax dollars DO go to good use."

2006-09-12 12:30:10
1.   Bob Timmermann
I enjoyed Coors a lot when I was there in 2003. I think it's nicer than Angel Stadium, but I'm unsure of the "value."
2006-09-12 14:15:21
2.   Kels
Does this mean we get a playoff spot?

I've only been to three stadiums in my life, Jacobs, Angel and Coors. I didn't like Angel, Jacobs was nice but I like Coors the best.

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