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It's Only Healthy to Be Wrong Sometimes
2006-09-19 08:07
by Mark T.R. Donohue

If you followed my viewing advice last night, all you got was a depressing finale to a frustrating and futile White Sox season. Of course, the contest was settled well in time for you to flip over to the Rockies' 20-8 blowout win over the Giants, which featured a pair of Jeff Baker home runs and six RBIs apiece from Baker and Garrett Atkins. Baker is playing right field and has yet to show any ill effects from doing so. The future is now for the Rockies, who featured several players -- Baker, Chris Iannetta, Jeff Salazar, Troy Tulowitzki, Justin Hampson -- who will in all likelihood be regulars in 2007. Wouldn't it be funny if Colorado could have been scoring runs like this all season if only they'd subbed in Baker and Tulowitzki for Brad Hawpe and Clint Barmes much earlier? Wait, "funny" is a poor choice of words. I mean something more like "horribly, horribly tragic."

Of course, the big game of the night was the surreal contest at an apparently full Dodger Stadium where L.A. came back on the Padres by hitting back-to-back-to-back-to-back home runs in the ninth inning and then another homer in the tenth for good measure. I was driving to Burger King to get a late night snack at the time. You know something marvelous has happened in the world of baseball when ESPN radio cuts in on its regularly scheduled nonstop football bleating (and boy, were there a lot of interesting things to say about Jacksonville's hideous 9-0 win over Pittsburgh) to do an MLB update. I don't want to rain on the parade of the numerous Dodger fans who occasionally wander by this site, but I'll say it anyway: with Philadelphia's loss to the Cubs, both the Dodgers and Padres are highly likely (86.22% and 79.25% respectively) to make the postseason anyway. Does that diminish from the instant classic-ness of last night's game? Yeah, a little bit, it does. But if you can make a triple play in the same night seem routine you've accomplished something.

2006-09-21 11:33:24
1.   BlueMamma
oh, i don't know. it looks like one or both of the dodgers and padres may be overtaken by the phillies in the very near future, making this game more important.

what would have made the game really important, though, is if the dodgers had gone on winning and the padres had gone on losing. instead, playing in different cities, first place flip-flopped again. that kind of let the air out of the balloon for me, anyway.

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