Baseball Toaster Bad Altitude
How You Want to Do It
2006-09-26 21:30
by Mark T.R. Donohue

As I'm watching the A's run it up against the Mariners, I'm realizing: the longer they can make this game go, the better their chances are of getting to celebrate their division title on the field instead of the infinitely lamer, infinitely less televised clubhouse celebration. The Angels are losing at home to Texas in a game that started at the same time as the A's contest in Seattle. For some reason, Extra Innings is showing the Seattle feed of the A's-Mariners game. This makes no sense. It's not as offensive to A's fans as when for an entire season and change the E.I. background image before and after games was the already-traded Mark Mulder in an Oakland uniform, but it's pretty stupid. Not as monumentally stupid as the NFL satellite package, but in the ballpark.

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