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It's in the Cups
2006-10-03 19:25
by Mark T.R. Donohue

I was just pouring myself a Diet Coke and I realized that there's a dimension to this postseason I hadn't considered yet. See, I collect plastic cups from baseball stadiums. I have built a substantial though by no means complete little collection over the past few years. Most of them I've gotten myself but a few have been brought back to me by friends who are aware of my interest in cheap logo beverage containers. My hope is to be able to collect them all before the dishwasher has completely worn off the printing on the oldest few.

I have a Cardinals cup and a Padres cup. However, the Padres cup is only from spring training and the St. Louis cup is from Old Busch, and regular season beats spring training. Advantage Cardinals.

I have regular season and spring training A's cups and no Twins cups whatsoever. Advantage A's.

I have a Tigers cup from Comerica but no Yankees cup. Advantage Tigers.

I have a really neat 3D-animated Dodgers cup but nothing for the Mets. By the way, Southern California is the capital of cool giveaway soda cups. The Angels one I have turns color when you put ice cubes in it. That is so cool. Big advantage Dodgers.

2006-10-03 20:29:12
1.   das411
Oh shite, I only have Yankee and Mets cups... :(
2006-10-03 20:41:37
2.   mehmattski
I only have cups from the Durham Bulls and the now defunct New Jersey Cardinals. What does that mean?
2006-10-03 22:17:36
3.   Xeifrank
Cups? That reminds me of the only good Friends Episode. Anyone up for a game of cups? vr, Xei

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