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Sitting One Out
2006-10-12 13:50
by Mark T.R. Donohue

I feel like it's the postseason, the time when all the nation's eyes turn to baseball (except for the tens of millions of eyes continuing to ignore it and watching dancing D-list celebrities instead), and therefore I should be compelled to post every day on my baseball blog. However...what constructive things can I say at this point? As far as the Cory Lidle situation is concerned, I am at a loss. I guess I could say that after hearing all of the radio reports and reading all of the various memorials I am surprised that the guy was able to play for so many organizations and yet leave so few memories. Would that be an awful thing to say? It would definitely be awful to say he was a mediocre pitcher. But then again, seven teams in nine seasons, kind of speaks for itself. One of the things you have to accept about America is in the name of freedom we let people do a lot of stupid, self-endangering things, including fly tiny little planes that have no practical applications other than smuggling narcotics and amusing rich people with too much money and spare time. But now I'm just sounding like a jerk. The guy had a family.

OK, I do have something constructive to say: ESPN needs to cut it the hell out with its ever-increasing tendency to impose itself into every story imaginable. From the people who brought you "I totally talked to Maurice Clarett right before he went out and got arrested," it's "I totally talked to Cory Lidle right before he crashed his plane." Yeah, you're a reporter, you talked to a guy. It's your job. Enough with the ex-post-morbid had-I-but-known stuff. What is, sports journalism or Final Destination 5?

So, anyway, the Tigers. Have I ever been this wrong about a team? Yeah, probably, but I don't particularly feel like reaching into the recesses of my brain and right now to figure out which particular mid-90's Cubs team crushed my adolescent spirit the most. In their inimitable way, sportswriters all over the country are rushing to record how this Detroit team has "the look of destiny" and somesuch, even as they cover their tracks in the same breath by allowing that there are still games to be played in the 2006 ALCS. Will the Tigers win it all? They might. Clearly my opinion on the matter has absolutely no bearing on the playoffs' outcome. I will say this, however, and I firmly believe it to be true. If the current Tigers roster returns 100% intact for the 2007 season, they will finish in fourth place in the AL Central.

What with the rain delay, the NLCS begins tonight with the ALCS, presumptively, already having been decided. Does the fact that some guy no one has ever heard of had a huge game for Detroit in Game 2 automatically mean that whomever wins the National League pennant has no chance in the World Series? Of course not. Don't be stupid, sportswriters. (The ship may have already sailed on that one.) This is a good Mets team and in the wild and crazy world of seven-game series, you'd be foolish to count out the Cardinals. Or the A's, for that matter. There's a lot of baseball left to be played. A lot of chickens left to be hatched. A lot of...I don't know, you think of some. Between Lidle and the Tigers, I've kind of burned out on dreary sportswriting over the last few days.

2006-10-12 18:35:35
1.   adraymond
Hang in there Mark. The hot stove is heating up. That'll get you going again.
2006-10-13 05:04:43
2.   Chyll Will
Releasing Dmitri Young has worked out okay so far. If it makes you feel better, you could run off some Neifi! shirts in Detroit and make a killing during the WS. Or, wait until fourth place in 2007 and sell them as reversables.

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