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This Just In: Peter Gammons Knows There Is an MLB Team in Denver
2007-03-25 19:10
by Mark T.R. Donohue

Peter Gammons' blog from yesterday (ESPN Insider required) has one of those faint-praise titles that Colorado fans have come to hate over the years: "Even the Rockies have a shot." But the text of the article is somewhat more enthusiastic. Gammons quotes three unindentified veteran White Sox players as identifying the Rockies as "the best team in Arizona." On one hand, given the power production of some of the guys Chicago runs out to the outfield, I can see how Brad Hawpe and Matt Holliday would look terribly impressive to them. But on the other, the Tucson-based White Sox have played Colorado something like 20 times this spring, so if any team would know, they'd be the one.

But here's some real insider information. Saturday night, I was at Denver's Oriental Theater engaged in conversation with a comely young record store manager who counted Clint Hurdle among her regular customers. I don't know about you, but I feel much better about the guy holding the reins in the Rockies' dugout now that I know Hurdle likes alt-country. Every time he sacrifice bunts in the second inning with the Rockies already down three this year, I'm going to be saying myself, "Oh, it's OK, he's into Uncle Tupelo, he can't be all bad."

The young lady also said that Hurdle counted her as somewhat of a good-luck charm and came in all the time at the beginning of homestands to buy stuff. After reading all of the speculation about Hurdle's future in the local press, she asked him whether he'd still be coming around after this season. Apparently Clint intimated that big things were in the works, and he'd be around for a while. So either the Rockies are going to give him an extension this summer, or Clint is just extremely confident in the team he has breaking camp with him. Either way, I hope he's a better prognosticator than Jamey Carroll, who told me on the second day of the season last year he had a "special feeling" about the 2006 Rockies.

2007-03-25 19:39:58
1.   trainwreck
What is alt-country?
2007-03-25 19:45:19
2.   Mark T.R. Donohue
1 Country-influenced music performed and appreciated by people who don't like mainstream country. Examples: Son Volt, The Bottle Rockets, Ryan Adams, Old 97's, Will Oldham, Freakwater, Giant Sand.
2007-03-25 20:10:38
3.   Suffering Bruin
This Just In: Peter Gammons Knows There Is an MLB Team in Denver

The Red Sox moved to Denver? :)

Johnny Cash is considered one of the original alt-country acts. Neko Case would probably fit the bill as would the terrific M. Ward.

2007-03-25 20:57:56
4.   joejoejoe
Three Questions.

1) Is Wilco alt-country?
2) Did you ever hear Golden Smog?
3) Can the comely record store manager guest post on Bad Altitude?

2007-03-25 21:15:53
5.   Mark T.R. Donohue
4 I think Wilco stopped being alt-country after "Being There." Golden Smog are OK but have the usual not-everybody's-best-material vibe of most side projects. And I'm working on it.
2007-03-25 21:38:11
6.   Cubs will rise again
This might not relate to this blog, but i was on the sports illistrated web site and you can vote for the best blog about the rockies, and i wanted people to know that they can cast their vote, like i did, for Bad Altitude. just go to
good luck
2007-03-25 23:02:39
7.   trainwreck
Does David Allen Cole count? Or is he just dirty?
2007-03-26 00:23:50
8.   Claire Malone-Evans
Hey how about Uncle Tupelo, Steve Earle, Jason and the Scorchers, Lucinda willaims, The Waco Brothers and Richard Buckner.
2007-03-26 08:23:31
9.   Dan M
A friend recounted a story to me in which he, or someone he knew, was at a record store in Denver (perhaps the comely young record store manager's store) and was looking at the Drive By-Truckers cd "Southern Rock Opera" when a voice said to him, "That album ROCKS." The friend looked up to see a grinning Clint Hurdle.

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