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Back on the Francis Channel
2007-04-03 17:57
by Mark T.R. Donohue

I assume that Jeff Francis must have appealed the five-game suspension he received for throwing at Kevin Kouzmanoff, because there he is, pitching. Clint Hurdle on the other hand is sitting this one out. It's nice to see the purple jerseys again, isn't it? First time since 2005. But this isn't 2005, so Fox Sports Rocky Mountain has some explaining to do. The first prime time baseball game of the season, and it's not on in HD? I'm against this.

Tonight, the Rockies attempt to get back to .500 against Livan Hernandez. Let's hope they have a good night, because I for one sure don't want to wait another two years to see those sexy purple unis again.

2007-04-03 20:53:09
1.   Mark T.R. Donohue
Woo! The Rockies take care of business in extra innings. My only worry now is that Troy Tulowitzki won't be able to hit doubles when anyone besides Eric Byrnes is playing right field. We have a pretty good young lineup, do we not?
2007-04-03 21:37:23
2.   neal
hot damn! that's why I love having, checking to see which late games are close and stumbling across something that fun to watch.

fyi, the rockies are now ahead of the world champions in the standings. ah, hell.

2007-04-03 22:23:51
3.   gabe
Eric Brynes missed that ball because he was high.
2007-04-03 22:54:41
4.   Kels
The kids in the bullpen were pretty good as well.

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