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Off Day
2007-04-05 07:53
by Mark T.R. Donohue

I suppose I should be happy about MLB and Comcast finally working things out, but their timing could have been better. After stewing over it for a few days, I finally decided that it wasn't going to happen and I paid all of my bills and bought groceries. Now I'm going to have to go play guitar in the street like, every day this month if I want to afford Extra Innings. And this means my chances of getting an rebate are shot, too. Stupid Bud Selig and his eight-figure salary.

Willy Taveras has nine official at-bats and has struck out six times.

I don't think I've given him a moment's thought before yesterday, so we might as well ask now. Is Rodrigo Lopez any good? He lost 18 games and led the American League in earned runs last year. He's 31. He was very good in 2002 and 2004; otherwise, not so much. But he pitched beautifully yesterday. The Rockies have had such an endless procession of last-chancin' starters over the years that they tend to all blur together. Whether it's prospects who never arrive or veterans who we only wish hadn't bothered to show up, Colorado isn't where pitchers find themselves, it's where they go to die. Time will tell on Rodrigo L., but the historical record is overwhelmingly against him.

It's way too early to start combing the Astros' box scores for stats from Jason Jennings' starts, at least until Jason Hirsh gets a chance to go in a real game for the Rockies, but go back two paragraphs for a second. Savor it. Yes, that's our leadoff hitter. I knew this was going to happen.

2007-04-05 09:58:35
1.   Kels
Eric Byrnes - 7/14, 2 2B, 1 HR, 1 SB, 4 Rbi

Why did we get rid of him again?

2007-04-05 12:31:55
2.   Homunculus
Not only that, but my impression is that he kills at Coors Field as well (unresearched statistically...I just remember him throttling the Rocks a few times last year at Coors).
2007-04-06 02:17:52
3.   joejoejoe
You should start some trade rumors involving the Yankees AAA OFs Kevin Thompson and/or Kevin Reese (AKA 'The Kevins'). They are both likely better than Willy Taveras and could probably be had for draft picks or a backup catcher. The Kevins are both in their mid-20s and rotting in the minors because the Yanks have $41 million dollars in starting OFs. The NYY and CR made recent trade with fair results (Chacon for Ramon Ramirez).

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