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Rockies 6, Dodgers 3
2007-04-09 16:44
by Mark T.R. Donohue

Why is it that all of the tautly played, exciting games so far this season have been Rockies losses while Colorado tends to win the sloppy games? Today the Dodgers could hardly keep themselves on the field as player after player executed badly enough on defense to hurt themselves. The Rockies narrowly missed an injury afield themselves as Willy Taveras nearly collided with Brad Hawpe out in right-center. Jeff Francis continued the Rockies' run of inexplicable yet magnificent starting pitching with a 6 2/3 IP, 5 hit, 3 walk, six strikeout performance. Brian Fuentes has yet to show up for the regular season, however, as he was shaky in a non-save situation ninth.

The Dodgers (and the Cubs) have put the names back on their home jerseys after removing them last year. I don't know why they changed them in the first place, but I am glad things are back to normal.

Cheers to the Rockies' situational hitting (three sacrifice flies provided the winning margin), Jeff Baker (3 for 4 with a triple starting at first for Todd Helton), and those young bullpen guys (no hits and no walks allowed by Manny Corpas and Ramon Ramirez). Jeers to Fuentes throwing 27 pitches in the ninth and Willy Taveras batting with runners in scoring position. Still waiting on that first RBI, Willy.

2007-04-09 18:27:33
1.   Kels
Great win. I had a nice time following along with the game while reading Dodger Thoughts. I'm starting to think they aren't the biggest fan of Juan Pierre...
2007-04-09 19:59:21
2.   JIrv
At least they didn't bring in Latoilet! He will be the demise of us if we don't give that job to Corpas or Ramirez.

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