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The Standings
2007-04-10 14:54
by Mark T.R. Donohue

How early is too early to look at the MLB standings and say, "Yeah, that's representative?" After one week, with each team having played two series (and some fewer, thanks to the cold & snow), no record means very much. For example, you have to adjust the numbers for anyone who has played Washington. Washington has been outscored 45-18. They are 1-6 and not playing as well as their record. The Diamondbacks' 6-2 mark is less impressive than it seems because they swept a four-game series against the hapless Nationals. The 5-2 Marlins should be chastened for losing even one game in Washington. The Nats are going to get punched around in their division this year the way the AL Central treated Kansas City last season. That's a factor to be aware of when assessing the race for the wild card in the National League.

The other one-win teams are the Giants and Philadelphia. In the American League, even the Devil Rays and Royals have two wins apiece. No team has more than five wins or five losses. It's even harder to draw any conclusions there. I am pleased to see that the Twins (4-2) have pitched well (20 runs allowed) and at 4-2 are ahead of the Tigers (3-3), who have not pitched as well (30 runs allowed).

Once again, we have the odd spectacle of Colorado's starting pitching being ranked among the league's best. Enjoy this early-season respite. The only teams in the majors with lower rotation ERAs than the Rockies' 2.64 are the A's, Angels, Diamondbacks, and Mets. Not so surprising for the first two, but a bit of a shock in the case of the second pair. Remember though that Arizona got to play four games against the Nationals -- and that the Mets have many games against them to come.

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