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Giants 8, Rockies 0
2007-04-16 20:39
by Mark T.R. Donohue

Not much good to say about this one. Jeff Francis simply didn't have it, and the Rockies offense is in the doldrums still. Hopefully my presence in the stands will help them out tomorrow night.

This was a good night to have the Extra Innings package in effect, because the Rockies were out of it almost right out of the gate and there were some interesting games in far-flung locales. That Baltimore-Tampa Bay game sure wasn't a clinic of fundamentals but it didn't lack for excitement. And the Florida-Houston game went right down to the wire as well. All this, plus a couple of grand slams and a Washington win. Any time the Nationals win, it's a special night in Major League Baseball.

The Rockies, who got off to a relatively hot start last season, need to stop the bleeding on the current homestand. Tomorrow it'll be a battle of big-ticket pitching prospects as Matt Cain faces Jason Hirsh. Come on, let's at least try and make some appearances above .500 after the first week of the season.

Update: Who had April 17th in the "first Denver columnist announces that the season is over and nobody cares" pool? A winner is you.

2007-04-17 03:08:53
1.   deadteddy8
You're right. Ridiculously early. I still wouldn't be shocked to see the Rox finish in second. The only team in this division that I have a handle on is the Padres, and I think they're gonna win it. Every other team could be awful or could be mostly untoxic.

I had 23:9 in the One-Sentence-Paragraphs to Multi-Sentence-Paragraphs ratio pool. I'm still kicking myself for not entering the awkward pop culture reference pool.

Those of you who haven't clicked on the article, guess which of the following is NOT an actual quote from the piece.

"The truth? The Monfort brothers cannot handle the truth."

"Where have you gone, Tom Goodwin? Rockies Nation turns its lonely eyes to you, woo, woo, woo."

"After suffering through so many mediocre seasons, fans may well ask, where's the beef?"

2007-04-17 19:53:48
2.   Kels
Great play Willy.

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