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It's Like This
2007-05-23 13:44
by Mark T.R. Donohue

The pressure is on for the Rockies, obviously. Even if the difference in media scrutiny between a player for the Red Sox or Yankees and a player from the Rockies is like that between a real basketball player and a WNBA one, these guys still don't live in a bubble. They have to know that we're mad as hell and so on and so forth, and that Clint Hurdle is going to get fired if the team doesn't win a few games here.

So the Rockies managed to win one last night, 3-1 over Arizona on a Troy Tulowitzki RBI double in the ninth. That's great. But it means less than nothing unless the Rockies win today. This is Colorado's 13th three-game series of 2007. Their record in those series is 2-10. Believe it or not, they've never been swept. But if you keep losing 2 out of every 3 games, your winning percentage will be... wait for it... .333. Which isn't very good. Even if the Rockies manage to continue splitting their two- and four-game series.

Jeff Francis faces another lefty with a two-win record, Doug Davis, tonight. However Davis's other indicators have all been good, expecially at home, while Francis isn't even pitching as well as his record. The Rockies now have LaTroy Hawkins available for the first time in a month, but that kind of works against them what with Hawkins sucking out loud and everything. With a lefty starter going for Arizona you have a good chance of seeing Ryan Spilborghs and/or Jeff Baker in the starting lineup for the Rockies.

2007-05-23 15:18:58
1.   Kels
I'll drink along with this one tonight.

P.S. you know Hawkins pitched last night...right?

2007-05-24 08:28:40
2.   Woden325
Two in a row, and the bullpen didn't give up any runs. That's a start.

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