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Draft Fever, Draft Fever!
2007-06-07 09:02
by Mark T.R. Donohue

In about one hour's time I will be virtually schlepping over to to watch the 2007 First-Year Player Draft... preview show. No, really. Behind the scenes of the Toaster, there has been a lot of bagging on the draft going on this morning. I think the estimable Bob Timmerman summed it up best: "Baseball doesn't need a Mel Kiper, Jr. Nobody needs a Mel Kiper, Jr." But hey, what's so exciting about living in the age we do is the fact that if there's any chance people will watch something, they'll put it on somewhere. Sometimes even if there isn't a chance. Look at the NHL playoffs.

For the sake of an argument, here is a hastily compiled list of things I have watched on my television that were more pointless than I expect the MLB draft preview show to be:

  • The audio commentary for the Date Movie DVD
  • The "Enterprise" finale
  • Approximately 15 total minutes of the 2007 first-round Wizards-Cavs series
  • "Cold Pizza"
  • All of the ending cinematics to every Tekken and Dead or Alive game
  • "MTV Undressed" (way, way more episodes than I care to admit)
  • "Lost: The Answers." Yeah, right
  • Napoleon Dynamite (the most overrated movie of the decade thus far, the only things that made me laugh even a little were when he gets hit in the face on his bike by the steak and Tina Majorino's hairdos)
  • That WNBA commercial with an eerily dead-eyed Ray Allen and his daughter
  • Hundreds of Colorado Rockies telecasts
2007-06-07 11:13:31
1.   Eric Stephen
I really like that is playing local team commercials during the commercial breaks. These are great.
2007-06-07 11:15:05
2.   trainwreck
Who knew Ray Allen had a daughter that old?
2007-06-07 11:17:44
3.   Eric Stephen
That was a quick change into Devil Rays gear by David Price.
2007-06-07 11:20:10
4.   bhsportsguy
That laser like insight from Steve Phillips, I am sure teams will be paying attention to his analysis.

Keith Law is the "Mel Kiper" of the Baseball draft but my question is, how good is his hair?

2007-06-07 11:21:53
5.   trainwreck
It is hard to beat Mel Kiper's hair.
2007-06-07 11:24:31
6.   trainwreck
Come on Cubs, do not take Porcello.
2007-06-07 11:26:01
7.   trainwreck
BH, has calmed my nerves by saying they are taking Vitters.

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