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Taking a Break from All Our Worries, Indeed
2007-06-12 16:02
by Mark T.R. Donohue

The "Cheers"-inspired intro piece to the Rockies-Red Sox game tonight was the cleverest thing I can remember the production staff at Fox Sports Rocky Mountain coming up with in years. They should quit while they're ahead. But, I know for a fact that the Red Sox are one of the very few teams in the league to have the majority of their games on in HD, so why isn't this one available in that format in Colorado?

Aaron Cook faces off against Tim Wakefield tonight. That should be interesting, as I can't recall the last time the Rockies tried their luck against a knuckleballer.

2007-06-12 18:28:47
1.   Uncle Harry
We are relieved, in Boston, to find that the Rockies are playing "regular" baseball. We had heard a rumor, obviously false, that your team had recruited a terrorist faction, known as the ColoradIraqis, to intimidate the opposition.

Or perhaps they will make their presence felt as the series progresses.

Good game tonight. The Sox are lucky to be back home after that swing though Oakland and Arizona. Papelbon never goes 1-2-3 so let's see what happens!

2007-06-12 18:39:24
2.   Mark T.R. Donohue
1 Well, thanks a lot for jinxing us. With family like this, who needs ColoradIraqis?

What's inadvertently funny about that joke by my Red Sox fan uncle is that the Rockies DO have a reputation as being a bunch of religious fundamentalists, as we've often discussed. Different religion, though.

Aaron Cook and run support: Antithetical concepts? Discuss.

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