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It IS the West Coast Road Trip of Death
2007-08-18 13:21
by Mark T.R. Donohue

I suspected as much.

The Rockies will not pursue David Wells or any other last-ditch rotation filler. That means the starters remain Jeff Francis, Ubaldo Jimenez, Josh Fogg, Franklin Morales, and Elmer Dessens. Two pink-cheeked rookies and two veterans whom were they playing for any other team we'd totally ridicule. And then there's Francis, who looked utterly fundamentally broken in his last start. He needs to get another winning streak going, or staying in contention for the NL Wild Card will be the least of Colorado's problems.

Franklin Morales (major league debut alert) and Chad Billingsley late tonight. Is it just me, or are these west coast night games getting started later and later every year? I couldn't keep awake through the middle innings of the game last night, but that could have been the paralytic effect of watching the Rockies choking.

I wanted to point out before I forgot about it this rather strange article in the San Diego Union-Tribune, which is all about how the Padres envy the Rockies and their strong farm system and mostly-homegrown big league lineup. That's as may be but from the tone of this piece you would think that it was Colorado and not San Diego that had spent the last several seasons contending for and winning division titles. Having a good farm system is desirable. Unquestionably it's this strength that has kept the Rockies relevant far deeper into the year than is the norm this season. But I would totally trade all the organizational depth in the world for a history like the Padres' full of... World Series appearances!

2007-08-18 13:36:38
1.   Bob Timmermann
It's just one hour! One!

The Dodgers start later on Fridays in the hopes that the larger crowds will have more time to get into their seats before the game starts. However, they don't factor in that people who are habitually late just look at the extra 30 minutes and leave 30 minutes later.

2007-08-18 14:08:14
2.   Ken Arneson
I've been eyeing the new clocks that are always a random number of minutes fast, so you don't end up late anywhere, and you can't mentally adjust for the fact that the clock is ahead, because it might only be one minute ahead, or it might be thirty.

I think the Dodgers should try this. "Friday night's game will start at a random time between 7:05 and 7:35 pm."

2007-08-18 15:33:00
3.   Andrew Shimmin
2- If Steve Lyons, Rebecca De Mornay's husband, and Kevin Kennedy weren't on the pre-game crew, I could go along with that. But they are. So I can't.

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