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Rockies-Phillies Game 2 Chat
2007-10-04 11:51
by Ken Arneson


Starting Lineups:

K. Matsui 2b
T. Tulowitzki ss
M. Holliday lf
T. Helton 1b
G. Atkins 3b
B. Hawpe rf
R. Spilborghs cf
Y. Torrealba c
F. Morales p

J. Rollins ss
C. Utley 2b
P. Burrell lf
R. Howard 1b
A. Rowand cf
J. Werth rf
W. Helms 3b
C. Ruiz c
K. Kendrick p


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2007-10-04 11:55:07
1.   Bob Timmermann
My nagging works!
2007-10-04 12:05:21
2.   Xeifrank
What does the simulator say today?

Simulator: Phillies 54.90%
LV Hilton: Phillies 59.18%

Good luck NL West teams.
vr, Xei

2007-10-04 12:08:49
3.   bhsportsguy
So how much Easternmost in quality will we have to reach when the Yankee series starts?
2007-10-04 12:12:33
4.   bhsportsguy
"crickets chirping"

I guess everyone forget the game time today.

2007-10-04 12:12:34
5.   das411
This is not good.
2007-10-04 12:13:32
6.   sporky
Holy crap, back-to-back HRs?!?
2007-10-04 12:13:35
7.   Linkmeister
Sheesh. I'm four minutes late turning on the tube and Holliday's already hit a home run.

He's a machine, I tellya!

2007-10-04 12:13:36
8.   ralfthewiseandpowerful
Tulo, GONE ! and the MVP back to back !!! Wow.
2007-10-04 12:13:49
9.   bhsportsguy
5 Unless you are a Rockies fan.
2007-10-04 12:14:24
10.   Mattpat11
Good start
2007-10-04 12:14:30
11.   Mark T.R. Donohue
Hey, they got those home run calls right!
2007-10-04 12:15:45
12.   DXMachina
Wow! I looked at Gameday, saw that Matsui made an out, then came back a minute later and it 2-0.
2007-10-04 12:16:43
13.   Mattpat11
Frank TV looks so bad
2007-10-04 12:17:35
14.   ralfthewiseandpowerful
Homerun derby!
2007-10-04 12:17:51
15.   das411

THIS is the lineup they should have used yesterday!

2007-10-04 12:17:56
16.   bhsportsguy
And the Rockies thought they played in a HR park.
2007-10-04 12:18:23
17.   Ali Nagib
Normally sending 5 guys to the plate and only seeing 10 pitches is a bad thing...unless you happen to hit back-to-back HRs.
2007-10-04 12:19:05
18.   ralfthewiseandpowerful
The Phillies MVP chants are a child's whispers compared to what I heard Monday night at Coors Field...
2007-10-04 12:19:12
19.   Andrew Shimmin
13- If TBS would agree to never show another promo for it, I'd be willing to suffer through the first episode.
2007-10-04 12:20:28
20.   ralfthewiseandpowerful
And Chase is now 0-5 with 5, count'em 5 Ks...
2007-10-04 12:20:40
21.   Mark T.R. Donohue
This is more the sort of wide-open game we were told to expect. For the record, I would rather see another pitchers' duel.
2007-10-04 12:21:46
22.   ralfthewiseandpowerful
I think the offense will be in short controlled bursts. If Frankie settles down, we won't see too many balls like the one J-Roll hit.
2007-10-04 12:21:47
23.   Bob Timmermann
Doesn't Scott Long write for Frank Caliendo?
2007-10-04 12:22:03
24.   Mark T.R. Donohue
13 I was just having this conversation with Ms. Bad Altitude -- Caliendo is a gifted mimic, but he's not at all funny. He needs to hire an outside writer if he doesn't want to keep squandering his talent.
2007-10-04 12:22:26
25.   Mark T.R. Donohue
23 A BETTER outside writer.
2007-10-04 12:24:06
26.   Mark T.R. Donohue
The Phillies had really bad luck drawing the Rockies, a team with two lefty starters and two plus matchup lefty relievers. Knock on wood.
2007-10-04 12:24:53
27.   ralfthewiseandpowerful
Howard has certainly looked like a man who struck out 200-ish times this year.
2007-10-04 12:25:26
28.   Bob Timmermann
Did you get hitched also?

Am I the last single guy on Toaster?

2007-10-04 12:28:32
29.   D4P
Am I the last single guy on Toaster?

That distinction will perpetually belong to Shimmin.

2007-10-04 12:29:40
30.   Mark T.R. Donohue
Nah, I said MS., not MRS. Although I don't apply the title to just anyone. Mildly serious girlfriend.
2007-10-04 12:32:25
31.   Linkmeister
30 "Mildly serious?"

You'd better hope she doesn't read this.

2007-10-04 12:32:57
32.   Andrew Shimmin
29- I still can't believe JoeyP is married. I suspect it's some kind of an immigration scam.
2007-10-04 12:34:09
33.   Mark T.R. Donohue
Trust me, I would at the very least tell you guys if I was going to go and do something drastic like get married.
2007-10-04 12:35:06
34.   Mark T.R. Donohue
Wow, I thought he had Spilborghs at first there.
2007-10-04 12:36:38
35.   underdog
They turned the humidor off for today's game.

Does single mean not married? In which case I'm single, too. Does it mean, have a girlfriend?... in which case I'm not. (Although I should check to make sure she feels the same way.) We're mildly humorous.

2007-10-04 12:37:53
36.   Ken Arneson
33 Is this where I announce that my three-month-old daughter laughed at her first fart joke yesterday?
2007-10-04 12:39:12
37.   Bob Timmermann
I mean writers for Toaster.

I believe Ryan and Phil aren't married.

2007-10-04 12:39:47
38.   regfairfield
I'm newly on the market if anyone here is interested.
2007-10-04 12:40:40
39.   underdog
This MLB/TBS Mosaic cam thing is hilarious.

See! The in-studio hosts picking their noses.
Watch! An out of focus shot of the Phillies spitting sunflower seeds in their dugout.
Marvel! At the umpire as he sweeps home plate.
Catch! The radar gun screen all by its lonesome.

Baseball fever, sleep through it.

2007-10-04 12:41:51
40.   dianagramr
36 save that for the first TBS Gamebreak ...
2007-10-04 12:43:39
41.   Linkmeister
We were trying to figure out whether the TBS HD picture is better than regular TBS (since we pay for the HD privilege on our Sony tv), and I think HD's better; Mom thinks the opposite.

Anybody else have an opinion?

2007-10-04 12:44:35
42.   Andrew Shimmin
By the way, what's the deal with misspelling October in those Dane Cook spots? Is that a thing, now?
2007-10-04 12:45:43
43.   trainwreck
How do they spell it?
2007-10-04 12:46:04
44.   Bob Timmermann
Not that I'm home, but the TBS HD signal tends to freeze up at time (not for long) on my digital cable and sometimes there are audio dropouts (but also not for long.)
2007-10-04 12:47:20
45.   Bob Timmermann
Pitch 3 - "Automatic Ball"

It had no bX or pX.

2007-10-04 12:47:20
46.   underdog
42 I don't even understand Dane Cook, so I'm not one to ask. Maybe it's some "hi-larious" Dane Cook thing.
2007-10-04 12:48:51
47.   Bob Timmermann
So was it noted on TV that the Rockies have voted Mike Coolbaugh's family a full playoff share?

2007-10-04 12:48:57
48.   dianagramr

aka "balk"

or Mitch Williams

2007-10-04 12:49:00
49.   Andrew Shimmin
43- Actober. There's a website, but I'm not willing to pull it up.
2007-10-04 12:49:12
50.   das411
Oy, yet another way for all that humidity to hurt the Phils?
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2007-10-04 12:50:25
51.   Andrew Shimmin
47- No. They're talking about whether Manny Corpas cheated by dumping a little water down his shirt, yesterday.
2007-10-04 12:50:28
52.   Ali Nagib
41 - I didn't even know that I had TBSHD until about halfway through the late game last night, and while it's not the absolute best HD I've ever seen, it's miles better than the SD feed. Go, 1920x1080 resolution! (Which reminds me, I totally need to get the cable to hook my laptop to my TV)
2007-10-04 12:51:08
53.   underdog
Of course, my humidor joke before went over like a lead balloon. (I know they're in Philly!)
2007-10-04 12:52:37
54.   Mark T.R. Donohue
I feel as if we have gotten to a point, as a society, where we soon will need to buy expensive ocular implants just to fully appreciate our amazing new TVs.

I am watching the standard feed because my computer isn't in the same room as my HD. I watched the Cubs game last night on the HD and I was disappointed with the way it looked compared to games on ESPN and Fox Sports in the same format.

2007-10-04 12:52:52
55.   Andrew Shimmin
Bizarro Rich Donnelly coaching third for the Phillies.
2007-10-04 12:55:50
56.   Mark T.R. Donohue
2007-10-04 12:56:04
57.   das411
2007-10-04 12:56:28
58.   das411
MTRD, was that loud enough chanting for ya??
2007-10-04 12:56:32
59.   Andrew Shimmin
The MVP chant was louder, that time.
2007-10-04 12:57:01
60.   ralfthewiseandpowerful
eh... They have a one run lead with 7 innings left to play. Everybody change your panties and chill out.
2007-10-04 12:57:18
61.   bhsportsguy
59 And why not.

I don't think a 1 run lead will be good enough today.

2007-10-04 12:57:27
62.   underdog
Is that an orange alert, with the two hardest ones out of the way?
2007-10-04 12:57:48
63.   Bob Timmermann
Utley makes contact!
2007-10-04 12:58:30
64.   bhsportsguy
The first two innings of this game will clock in over 50 minutes, the Angels v. Red Sox game took a little less than 2 and half hours to play.
2007-10-04 12:58:34
65.   ralfthewiseandpowerful
59- the chant was louder than it has been, but on Monday (and Sunday for that matter) we were chanting almost the whole at bat. Philly fans aren't chanting before the hit because they are waiting to boo him if he Ks. Oh and look at that, Chase put a ball in play. Yay for him.
2007-10-04 12:58:35
66.   Andrew Shimmin
62- No alerts till he gets a third hit.
2007-10-04 12:58:56
67.   bhsportsguy
63 Go Bruins.
2007-10-04 13:01:01
68.   D4P
No alerts till he gets a third hit

A third hit is, of course, a necessary though not sufficient condition for an alert.

2007-10-04 13:01:09
69.   Mark T.R. Donohue
65 Judging by the frequency, sincerity, and vigour of "M! V! P!" chants, Holliday should beat Rollins in a landslide. Also I read somewhere on that tickets were still available for their home games and just ask around in Denver about getting Rockies tickets. Try it.
2007-10-04 13:02:08
70.   Mark T.R. Donohue
Yeah! Right back at it! Nice one, Kaz.
2007-10-04 13:02:31
71.   Bob Timmermann
We only have stirrings, no alerts.

We don't wish to create undue anxiety.

I'm going to miss the end of the game anyway since I'll be in a meeting.

Shimmin is in charge.

2007-10-04 13:03:43
72.   ToyCannon
That is the kind of thing I need to decide who to root for when I've got no rooting interest. Go Rockies
2007-10-04 13:04:15
73.   Ghost of Carlos Perez
I don't think the MVP voting will be close. Rollins in a landslide.
2007-10-04 13:04:48
74.   ralfthewiseandpowerful
69- Mark you are right about tickets. I lucked OUT on Monday, finding a guy who was about to sell his extras to scalpers, but when he saw me and my friend were fans he sold them to us at face value. We bought him and his mom a beer and cheered with them the whole game.
2007-10-04 13:05:35
75.   ralfthewiseandpowerful
73- What is popular is not always right. What is right is not always popular...
2007-10-04 13:06:27
76.   Andrew Shimmin
Hooray! I like being in charge of stuff. First order of business, I rename the alerts the Ronald Reagan Memorial Cycle Alert. Second, I've never liked the Yellow Alert. It's out. More executive orders to follow. . .
2007-10-04 13:06:56
77.   ralfthewiseandpowerful
Yes, walk Holliday and pitch to Helton. That would be AWE-some.
2007-10-04 13:07:19
78.   ralfthewiseandpowerful
2007-10-04 13:07:35
79.   El Lay Dave
76 Good lord. Can we have Al Haig in charge instead?
2007-10-04 13:08:38
80.   El Lay Dave
51 I was wondering what sort of illegal substance would be good for doctoring baseballs AND drinkable.
2007-10-04 13:09:34
81.   Mark T.R. Donohue
74 I have my one seat for every playoff game, but I also bought a pair of tickets for each game of the NLCS on the off-chance the Cubs made it. If they do, my father is flying out from Chicago for what will likely be a highly contentious weekend. But now I'm kind of hoping that the D-Backs finish them off so I can sell those tickets and use the cash so that I end up paying nothing to go to every game by myself.

Does that make me a bad son?

2007-10-04 13:10:17
82.   Mark T.R. Donohue
Aw, man. The Rockies haven't stranded a guy in scoring position with no out for weeks. That is not a good sign.
2007-10-04 13:10:28
83.   El Lay Dave
15 THIS is the lineup they should have used yesterday

Yup. Is there really any excuse for not using this batting order and lineup both days? Is this an implicit admission by (old friend for DT folks) Charlie Manuel that he made a mistake yesterday?

2007-10-04 13:10:34
84.   underdog
This guy I work with wanted me to point out he played baseball against Jimmy Rollins in high school (my coworker was a catcher on a HS team in the bay area). As a Tigers fan, he seems to be rooting solely for J-Roll at this point.
2007-10-04 13:11:20
85.   Mark T.R. Donohue
81 Umm, and oh yes, assuming the Rockies win this series. (Jeez, I seem completely determined to jinx this. This is what growing up a Cubs fan will do to a person.)
2007-10-04 13:14:13
86.   El Lay Dave
That is not one of the three true outcomes.
2007-10-04 13:16:37
87.   El Lay Dave
0-2 HBP is not a good sign either.
2007-10-04 13:17:20
88.   ralfthewiseandpowerful
2007-10-04 13:17:51
89.   ralfthewiseandpowerful
That was funny...the shock of Howard was priceless....
2007-10-04 13:20:58
90.   Ken Arneson
84 I'm rooting for him, too, because I went to the same HS. I'm 12 years too old to have gone to school with him, though.
2007-10-04 13:21:22
91.   El Lay Dave
well THAT's erasing a mistake.
2007-10-04 13:22:57
92.   das411
83 - Perhaps, or GoodTime Charlie just wanted to get the Flyin' Hawaiian and his speed into the lineup against the ace of the Rockie staff...and to be fair, this lineup did fairly well the last week of the season once Shane-O came back...

84 - Coolio! Did he know the D-Train back then also?

2007-10-04 13:23:33
93.   El Lay Dave
Should pitch Hawpe carefully here. Significant dropoff from him to the bottom three.
2007-10-04 13:28:02
94.   Ken Arneson
92 Here's my D-Train connection:
2007-10-04 13:28:46
95.   Mark T.R. Donohue
Uhhh... my cat's vet was college roommates with Kevin Youkilis's dad.

Oh yeah.

2007-10-04 13:30:32
96.   El Lay Dave
Wow. Quick hook. Interesting call to PH here.
2007-10-04 13:32:19
97.   Mark T.R. Donohue
Those who don't know are already learning how incompetent Clint Hurdle is with in-game moves, but that was one I agreed with. Morales was in AA to begin this season and the Rockies hardly used their bullpen yesterday and have a game off tomorrow.
2007-10-04 13:32:42
98.   El Lay Dave
IF single. Now this could be the moment of the game.

Or it could end up 15-14.

2007-10-04 13:33:16
99.   trainwreck
Cool story.
2007-10-04 13:33:30
100.   Humma Kavula
95 I went to college with Nelson Figueroa.

Brandeis doesn't get too many sports stars.

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2007-10-04 13:33:43
101.   Ken Arneson
Wasn't Lohse scheduled to start Game 4?
2007-10-04 13:33:43
102.   dianagramr

He's gonna run out of pinch-hitters for all those pitchers he is carrying.

2007-10-04 13:33:54
103.   Mark T.R. Donohue
Even if the Rockies don't score here, getting into the Phillies bullpen was totally worth "sacrificing" Morales.
2007-10-04 13:34:03
104.   trainwreck
Who would start for the Phillies if Lohse cannot go for Game 3?
2007-10-04 13:34:33
105.   trainwreck
I believe Game 3.
2007-10-04 13:35:02
106.   Mark T.R. Donohue
102 How can you possibly criticize Hurdle for carrying a ton of pitchers in THIS of all series? Coors Field and the Money Bank? Forget about it.
2007-10-04 13:35:28
107.   dianagramr
I went to college with Bill Wennington ...


2007-10-04 13:35:32
108.   underdog
Cool. And no, Das, he didn't know D-Train, or I'm sure I would've heard all about it. Sure is excited about Rollins, though.

This is still the Phillies game to lohse.

2007-10-04 13:35:46
109.   El Lay Dave
Well, neither manager is going to let a kid starter hang around long enough to let things get out of hand.

Lohse is a birthday boy today.

2007-10-04 13:36:02
110.   trainwreck
Sake Bomb!
2007-10-04 13:36:09
111.   das411
Get ready for the Ancient Mariner in the must-win game 3 now!!
2007-10-04 13:36:12
112.   Mark T.R. Donohue
2007-10-04 13:36:29
113.   Humma Kavula
2007-10-04 13:37:05
114.   Shaun P
100 I graduated from the same high school as Mark Lemke.

Wow, KazMat with the big blow!

2007-10-04 13:37:24
115.   El Lay Dave
98 Or both! Wow.
2007-10-04 13:37:28
116.   dianagramr
Now Philly has them right where they want them (just like they had the Mets on Sept. 12)
2007-10-04 13:38:55
117.   Ghost of Carlos Perez
Happy Birthday, Lohse.
2007-10-04 13:39:15
118.   underdog
Yowsa. And Lohse they are. I wonder if Charlie Manuel is the one guy that Clint Hurdle can outmanage.
2007-10-04 13:39:57
119.   Mark T.R. Donohue
"So you guys aren't going to knock me in? Even if I keep putting myself in scoring position with leadoff extra-base hits? Really? Well, that's OK, I guess. I'll just knock all y'all in myself."

Assuming there is a linguistic analogue for "all y'all" in Japanese.

2007-10-04 13:40:24
120.   El Lay Dave
I want to go to Lohse's birthday celebration. He gives out GREAT party favors.
2007-10-04 13:40:27
121.   D4P
I saw the following at my local Jamba Juice today:

"A pomegranate can contain up to 613 seeds"

Does that mean that 613 seeds is the most anyone has ever observed, or is there some kind of theoretical reason for why a pomegranate cannot contain more than 613?

2007-10-04 13:40:51
122.   Mark T.R. Donohue
I've said it before and I'll say it again: The key moment in the Rockies' season was when Willy Taveras took himself out for the year.
2007-10-04 13:42:33
123.   bhsportsguy
Matsui has a .965 OPS with RISP and 2 out. It is nearly 200 points higher in that situation than any other time he comes to the plate.
2007-10-04 13:42:51
124.   dianagramr

2007-10-04 13:43:52
125.   El Lay Dave
Every run in this 6-3 game has scored on a HR or a 3B.
2007-10-04 13:44:19
126.   underdog
Why couldn't Juan Pierre had done that for us, too? Just turf toe or something...
2007-10-04 13:44:37
127.   Andrew Shimmin
2007-10-04 13:45:10
128.   RockieRoad
96 Worked out OK. Clint Hurdle is clearly a genius!
2007-10-04 13:45:16
129.   underdog
Josh Fogg in the 4th inning was a surprise to me, but I guess it worked... this is like parallel universe game management.
2007-10-04 13:45:35
130.   D4P
Well I'll be. Thanks, Bobette.
2007-10-04 13:46:26
131.   D4P
Absolute power appears to be corrupting you absolutely. Or at least your speed.
2007-10-04 13:46:45
132.   Andrew Shimmin
124- If I hadn't been busy thinking up ways to make Bob regret leaving me in charge of the cycle alert, you wouldn't have beaten me by so much. . .
2007-10-04 13:47:08
133.   El Lay Dave
128 Clint played the hand and hit on the turn AND the river to claim the pot. But the Phillies do have chips left.
2007-10-04 13:47:36
134.   Humma Kavula
121 The number 613 may be divinely ordained: religious Jews believe they are bound by 613 commandments.
2007-10-04 13:47:39
135.   Mark T.R. Donohue
I have to say, Hurdle really hoodwinked Manuel there. By pinch-hitting for Morales and the move working, Manuel managed to get the idea that it was some kind of late-inning pitching duel and made the knee-jerk panic move himself. Kendrick was a lot better bet to go deep than Morales, and now this game -- and this series -- might be out of reach.
2007-10-04 13:48:28
136.   Andrew Shimmin
Geez. Even D4P is beating me to punch lines. I suspect his pretend milkshake had PEDs in it.
2007-10-04 13:50:04
137.   Mark T.R. Donohue
Who else is imaging Tony La Russa at home watching these two titans on the dish and thinking, "Really? Really?"
2007-10-04 13:50:09
138.   El Lay Dave
Game 3: at COL
Sat, Oct 6
J. Moyer vs. U. Jiménez

Game 4 (if necessary): at COL
Sun, Oct 7
K. Lohse vs. J. Fogg

Today would be the between-start throwing day for both Lohse and Fogg, yes?

2007-10-04 13:51:34
139.   Andrew Shimmin
137- I'm imagining him in a pickup, with a beer in his lap, shouting that at his radio.
2007-10-04 13:52:42
140.   El Lay Dave
135 as a small bonus, he got Manuel to also make his L/R 3B platoon switch in the bottom of the 4th. Later, when Dobbs is to face, say, Fuentes, Manuel has what? Nunez?
2007-10-04 13:54:58
141.   dianagramr

Seriously, one would hope that given his DUI trouble, and the Josh Hancock incident ...

2007-10-04 13:59:12
142.   underdog
I try not to imagine Tony LaRussa at all.
2007-10-04 14:01:43
143.   das411
JO-SE ME-SA!! --tears, tears, tearstearstears-- :'(
2007-10-04 14:02:36
144.   RIYank
Darn, I've missed most of the fun.

Why did Morales come out so early? Oh, pinch hitter?

2007-10-04 14:06:21
145.   Mark T.R. Donohue
Oh, right, THAT'S why Phillies fans hate Pat Burrell.
2007-10-04 14:09:06
146.   trainwreck
What a BB/K ratio for Mesa.
2007-10-04 14:09:33
147.   KG16
So, who is going to be more hated by the end of the play offs, Dane Cook or Frank Calindo (or however you spell his name)?
2007-10-04 14:11:05
148.   Ali Nagib
The National Weather Service is currently issuing a Dense Fogg Advisory for the entire Eastern Pennsylvania region. Please be cautious when attempting travel, or trying to find the left-center field gap.
2007-10-04 14:11:48
149.   dianagramr


2007-10-04 14:14:16
150.   RIYank
147 Are you kidding? Dane Cook.

I'm wondering whether BoSox fans like him. It's hard to imagine.

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2007-10-04 14:15:28
151.   RIYank
146 And worsening.
2007-10-04 14:15:36
152.   sporky
147 - I watched his Comedy Central special. I imagine that's what they show in purgatory's waiting room.
2007-10-04 14:15:57
153.   dianagramr
Jose Mesa and Jorge Julio .... THAT would be a Walkathon no one would support ...
2007-10-04 14:16:22
154.   El Lay Dave
146 The last time Mesa's K/BB was better than 2:1 was 2001. 2001!

Weird fact - this year in 39 IP he managed to give up 8 UNearned runs (on top of 24 ER).

2007-10-04 14:16:59
155.   RIYank
Not to jinx our host's boys, but, this game is suddenly over.

I know, the Phils can score a lot of runs. I know.

2007-10-04 14:17:10
156.   das411
147 - Charlie Manuel.

Thanks for letting us have him back, Mark. No, really. Glad that our key hold-down-the-fort reliever is JOSE MESA in the playoffs. Awesome.

2007-10-04 14:17:45
157.   bhsportsguy
You almost think that the worst thing for the Rockies would be to sweep this series and be off for a week.

Almost think that.

2007-10-04 14:18:11
158.   Mark T.R. Donohue
It's way, way belated, but I'm really appreciating all the slurping the TBS guys are giving the Rockies players right about now. Two whole days of Philliephilia and we have to be on the verge of a sweep to get some dap.
2007-10-04 14:18:22
159.   Andrew Shimmin
So, was the bottle thrown at Werth, or did the drunken twit who threw it think he could hit the mound from the RF bleachers?
2007-10-04 14:18:26
160.   bhsportsguy
155 So are we welcome to come over to BB in about a hour?
2007-10-04 14:18:55
161.   das411
Poor guy does deserve better than this...but it would be kind fo nice if he would, um, yknow, earn it.
2007-10-04 14:19:22
162.   Mark T.R. Donohue
157 No kidding! I keep saying it: This is too easy. WAY too easy. It wasn't this easy for as long as I can remember back.
2007-10-04 14:19:56
163.   KG16
One of my law clerks at my last firm had a Dane Cook ringer, thought the guy was really funny... I still can't figure out how he made it all the way to law school.

Frank is getting annoying just because of exposure, it's like TBS took a promotional lesson from Fox.

2007-10-04 14:21:34
164.   ToyCannon
Joe Table will look great in a Ned bullpen. Someone has to replace Hernandez.
2007-10-04 14:21:38
165.   RIYank
160 Absolutely!

Alex B. has a nice, loose game thread up, but many of the regulars will be a little tense, I predict.

2007-10-04 14:22:00
166.   bhsportsguy
162 Nate Silver did a recap of the Rockies playoff drive and said that the most amazing thing is that even up to Monday, they never had even a 50% chance to get to the playoffs.

Matsui has some kind of alert now.

2007-10-04 14:22:22
167.   KG16
That would be a RED ALERT for Matsui, no?
2007-10-04 14:22:36
168.   BlueCrew Bruin
Break out the alert!
2007-10-04 14:22:42
169.   RIYank
163 He appeals to boys unde the age of N. I haven't figured out what N is yet. It's greater than 14, I know that. How old was the clerk?
2007-10-04 14:22:45
170.   cult of basebaal
165 nonsense, that's what the booze and heavy medication is for ...
2007-10-04 14:23:40
171.   El Lay Dave
Weird. Was that a swunt? Why is Fogg (or anyone) swinging 2-0 against Mesa? Why isn't Fogg bunting with no outs? Why is he still going to pitch?

Matsui triples. Because there will be no game four.

2007-10-04 14:23:58
172.   regfairfield
169 N=25 I'd say.
2007-10-04 14:24:22
173.   bhsportsguy
165 I may get tossed out of DT for saying this but I'm pulling for you guys, having visited the shrine in the Bronx for the first time this year and paying homage at Memorial Park.

Had great seats in the top deck behind home plate and was there the day Clemons pitched his best game of the season when he beat the Twins.

2007-10-04 14:25:46
174.   RIYank
I thought Fogg did bunt. (Following only on Gameday, though.)

172 Plausible. I can run some tests. (I have access to college students.)

2007-10-04 14:26:13
175.   bhsportsguy
167 I'll speak for Bob, yes it is a Red Alert.
2007-10-04 14:26:14
176.   cult of basebaal
am i a bad man for inner schadenfreude at kyle lohse? i'm not gleeful for any philly fan's pain, i just get happy at the mental image of scott boras having a frump as the ball left the yard ... and kaz matsui??? like mets fans haven't suffered enough in the last week???
2007-10-04 14:26:35
177.   KG16
169/172 - I think he was a couple years out of undergrad, so 24 maybe. Which would make reg just about right.
2007-10-04 14:26:44
178.   Mark T.R. Donohue
Honestly, all of you Dodger and Yankee fans are making me look bad... can you at least PRETEND to still be interested in this laugher?


2007-10-04 14:26:48
179.   El Lay Dave
167 I would think so. I wonder when the last post-season cycle was.
2007-10-04 14:28:27
180.   El Lay Dave
174 Fogg wasn't credited with a sacrifice.
2007-10-04 14:28:39
181.   RIYank
Clay Condrey now has superhuman postseason stats.

173 Cool. Or maybe I should say No Thanks, given the results of your regular season pulling for?
We get regular visits from underdog. Someone else from DT too, I forget who.

2007-10-04 14:29:07
182.   underdog
Had to figure the Phils' crap bullpen would haunt them in the playoffs. .
2007-10-04 14:29:41
183.   underdog
181 {Raises hand} Yo. Present.
2007-10-04 14:30:12
184.   Mark T.R. Donohue
Hey, this is kind of interesting. Because TBS is relatively new at the baseball thing, current and recently retired ballplayers don't have wacky grudges against them the way so many do against the Worldwide Leader. So they've got Frank Thomas and Cal Ripken -- two Hall of Famers and two intelligent, articulate, dignified guys -- doing analysis. Maybe MLB should move around the division series on TV every couple of years as a matter of policy.
2007-10-04 14:30:34
185.   RIYank
180 Because the bunt sucked, I think. The runner couldn't advance.

Whoa. Todd Helton destroys any potential rally the Phils were hoping for! What a loser.

2007-10-04 14:30:45
186.   D4P
Bob is not going to be happy with Andrew. Not that he was anyway.
2007-10-04 14:31:09
187.   das411
Welp if 2003 Burrell had not appeared in that last at-bat it might still be a game...I can just hear Simmons now: "Jeremy Affeldt! Jose Mesa! Your 2007 NLDS!"
2007-10-04 14:31:09
188.   cult of basebaal
178 my main concern at this point is a speedy conclusion to this afternoon affair ... otherwise, the next tilt starts on TBN ... which my DVR will not be recording*

*all grumbling gladly placed aside if the phils can mount a real comeback

2007-10-04 14:33:22
189.   RIYank
188 Why, you just like the Phils, or you're hoping for a more fun game?
2007-10-04 14:33:36
190.   bhsportsguy
178 I would assume that normally a Charger vs. Broncos home game would be the biggest thing this weekend, having spent a few days in Denver a few years ago, I know that I wouldn't even have to go the games, I would just hang out by Coors Field in one of the many bars and spend the weekend watching those games.
2007-10-04 14:33:48
191.   LogikReader
Wow! Wow wow wow wow wow! WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!

Can you believe these Rockies?

2007-10-04 14:36:20
192.   El Lay Dave
185 Ah, thanks! The things you can't discern from text alone.
2007-10-04 14:37:27
193.   El Lay Dave
185 Ah, thanks! The things you can't discern from text alone.
2007-10-04 14:37:34
194.   underdog
A little late with that home run, Howard.
2007-10-04 14:38:45
195.   RIYank
194 No, early. Didn't you see how it killed the rally the Phillies were going to mount? Lead-off homers = rally-killers.
2007-10-04 14:39:37
196.   D4P
How are the Rockies able to play so well in the playoffs when they have so few players who have Been There Before™...?
2007-10-04 14:40:19
197.   underdog
188 TBN? I think they just broadcast Christian baseball.
2007-10-04 14:41:07
198.   underdog
Yeah, they don't have that much PVL™!
2007-10-04 14:41:42
199.   BlueCrew Bruin
197 Well, for the Rockies at least, this game looks like the Hour of Power.
2007-10-04 14:41:46
200.   RIYank
196 Do not attempt to refute what was never actually an empirical hypothesis. Do you doubt that Joe Morgan could come up with an explanation that would satisfy him and be consistent with his ideology?
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2007-10-04 14:42:16
201.   Bluebleeder87
That's so cool I picked the Rox to win & my premonition is coming true, so far...
2007-10-04 14:44:27
202.   cult of basebaal
189 i don't really have a dog in the hunt, i just didn't want to seem dickish, selfish, or unsympathetic to any phils fans who might be here
2007-10-04 14:44:57
203.   Bluebleeder87

they've had an incredible, what? 3 weeks a month, very impressive. I hope they ride this wave all the way to the NL finals.

2007-10-04 14:47:01
204.   regfairfield
200 They've stepped up and are executing.
2007-10-04 14:48:08
205.   regfairfield
If it weren't for the fact that my friend will win a lot of money because I told him to bet on the Diamondbacks and Indians this year, I'd be pulling for the Rockies all the way,
2007-10-04 14:53:18
206.   das411
So J-Roll has driven in 4 runs today, and the rest of the team has driven in 3 in two games. Not good.
2007-10-04 14:54:30
207.   RIYank
204 Consistency.
2007-10-04 14:54:38
208.   Mark T.R. Donohue
I really don't want Chase Utley getting untracked.
2007-10-04 14:55:04
209.   Bluebleeder87
I'm not the betting type but I think I could made a few bucks in this series.
2007-10-04 14:57:03
210.   D4P
So J-Roll has driven in 4 runs today, and the rest of the team has driven in 3 in two games

If I were a Phils fan, I'd be all like "$#@& the heck!?!?"

2007-10-04 14:57:44
211.   bhsportsguy
He's coming up second this inning.
2007-10-04 14:58:40
212.   RIYank
I'm still grateful to Philadelphia for their gift of Bobby Abreu. But I'm pulling for the Rockies, so, not too grateful, I guess.
2007-10-04 15:01:00
213.   underdog
Look out, Six Finger Satellite is pitching.
2007-10-04 15:06:33
214.   El Lay Dave
207 Rockies know how to concetrate.
2007-10-04 15:09:01
215.   Bluebleeder87
this game is more indicative of what people were suggesting a Rox versus Phillies game would be like...
2007-10-04 15:12:38
216.   KG16
anyone else hoping the Phillies come back to force extra innings so Matsui has another chance?
2007-10-04 15:18:35
217.   das411
216 - YES!
2007-10-04 15:19:15
218.   Ken Arneson
Is it still too easy, Mark?
2007-10-04 15:19:53
219.   Mark T.R. Donohue
Knock it off, you guys, I really deserve a stress-free win ONE of these days.
2007-10-04 15:22:24
220.   bhsportsguy
What the Phillies don't need is a rally killing home run.
2007-10-04 15:22:33
221.   Bluebleeder87
Corpas needs to induce a grounder here.
2007-10-04 15:23:33
222.   Mark T.R. Donohue
That is some Corpas-ral punishment right there.
2007-10-04 15:23:53
223.   das411
Oh come on, make Mark a little more nervous than that!!!
2007-10-04 15:23:56
224.   trainwreck
That was too easy.
2007-10-04 15:24:30
225.   bhsportsguy
222 And now Corpus can get a save.
2007-10-04 15:24:35
226.   Mark T.R. Donohue
You guys are awesome... I don't think I've ever written about it, but the concept of the "rally-killing home run" is one I've long thought among the dumbest in pro sports.
2007-10-04 15:24:41
227.   Bluebleeder87

it ain't fun with out SOME theatrics, nice pitching by Corpas.

2007-10-04 15:25:56
228.   Mark T.R. Donohue
Two days in, and this is already the best postseason ever. Lou Piniella is a goat and every move Clint Hurdle makes turns out gold.
2007-10-04 15:27:52
229.   bhsportsguy
228 You will have a nice 48 hours until Game 3, enjoy it.
2007-10-04 15:34:28
230.   das411
Well not to make excuses or anything, but if Ryan Madson were still healthy then this game (and perhaps the series) would be still worth all we have to go do in Colorado is exactly what the Rox have done here!
2007-10-04 15:35:27
231.   underdog
See, the Phillies made the mistake of clogging the bases there and that's why they failed.
2007-10-04 15:37:15
232.   bhsportsguy
230 You'll hear this stat a lot between now and Saturday, only one team has come back from an 0-2 deficit and win a 5-game series.

That team was the 2001 Yankees.

2007-10-04 15:37:38
233.   bhsportsguy
232 That is after losing both games at home.
2007-10-04 15:39:10
234.   trainwreck
Painful memories there.

Stupid Jeremy Giambi.

2007-10-04 15:39:43
235.   underdog
{playing the world's smallest violin for 219 }
2007-10-04 15:39:52
236.   trainwreck
Aww, I missed something controversial in Yankees/Indians game.
2007-10-04 15:40:58
237.   Mark T.R. Donohue
I went to every Oakland home game of the 2001 ALDS. Believe me, I remember.
2007-10-04 15:41:24
238.   Humma Kavula
2 down, nine to go.
2007-10-04 15:42:09
239.   Mark T.R. Donohue
OK, Bronx Banter time, all you stragglers!
2007-10-04 15:42:36
240.   Mark T.R. Donohue
Time to go to BB, all you stragglers!
2007-10-04 15:43:35
241.   Ken Arneson
237 Oh, so it's your fault. I knew it wasn't me.
2007-10-04 15:43:51
242.   underdog
Okay, time to go to Bron...


2007-10-04 15:44:23
243.   underdog
236 Wait, what happened? I just saw that Damon lead off with a homer.

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