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They're Not Evil, They're Unprepared
2007-10-23 12:17
by Mark T.R. Donohue

Well, the Rockies' people say that the ticket system is working, but despite the fact that I personally know several people trying and have been trolling message boards everywhere, I haven't found independent confirmation of this elsewhere. Obviously the Rockies' spokespeople are not to be trusted, as they described the event yesterday as a "malicious attack" and now if the system is working it is taking forever and for many, including a lot of the people who filled the seats for the NL playoffs, it doesn't seem to be working at all. Here is what has happened: Colorado, a baseball team in a middle-sized market (while not densely populated Denver is isolated and is demographically and climatologically favorable for baseball) has long operated in the throes of men with a small-market mentality; and thus the Rockies employ the cheapest and least-established of all available online ticket vendors, at least as far as major league teams go. They certainly made a terrible decision in offering no alternative methods of purchase besides online (for single-game sales; as I try to keep reminding people, whole and partial season-ticket holders, including purchasers of mini-plans available as late as the first week of September, were able to order tickets a few weeks before the playoffs began), but they should have been able to count on their technology contractor having the capacity to handle it. That no such oversight took place compounds their first error and makes them look, as plenty of Rockies fans will tell you, very, very poor indeed.

Update: People got tickets. Maybe not you, sorry. It seems as if a fair number of locals did, and a lot people from far-off places did too. Some Red Sox fans did, and some Rockies fans from out of town did. The most soothing thing I read came from a Red Sox fan, whose perspective from having been through this for more than a few postseasons was that no teams' Internet ticket sales work flawlessly. I'll say it again: Fans, act like you've been here before. Don't boycott the games on TV because you couldn't get tickets, go out to a bar and drown out the Boston fans. It's the World Series!

2007-10-23 13:34:14
1.   JIrv
I've been trying since noon, not even getting close on a high speed network. HORSESHIT!!!!!!!!!
2007-10-23 13:49:49
2.   Hythloday
Well, they're all sold out now. Personally I don't think it's horseshit. It's frustrating to be sure. But any given person's odds of getting tickets were pretty minuscule to begin with. Only a fraction of the seats were actually available to begin with. Swanky's it is.
2007-10-23 13:52:29
3.   Hallux Valgus
oh man, I used to love Swanky's.

If you're in a pinch, you could always hit up ebay, where there's a pair up for auction. The auction ends in 10 minutes and the high bid is $4350. Now that right there is insane.

2007-10-23 13:58:25
4.   Hythloday
It is a great scuzzy bar and that was before they wallpapered the men's room with centerfolds.

I'm just glad it's not Splinters on the Pine anymore. A Red Sox bar down there would be insufferable at this point.

2007-10-23 15:53:01
5.   standuptriple
3 Are you sure that isn't for Hanna Montana?
2007-10-23 16:19:57
6.   Ali Nagib
5 - Only if she plays live with Billy Ray.
2007-10-23 19:15:36
7.   Hallux Valgus
Aaron Cook is activated for the WS and will start game 4. I believe this is a good thing. Cook is their best pitcher (IMO- yes, better than Francis), and he could've been activated last series. If he can shake the rust off quickly, the Rox just added one of the best pitchers in the series.

again- I am very Cook biased.

2007-10-24 06:21:11
8.   Suffering Bruin
You could get a hell of an argument here in Los Angeles about who the most odious sportswriter is.

For you Rockies fans, here's a taste of what we've been putting up with for far too long:

2007-10-24 09:12:10
9.   Woden325
8 It's like he just discovered the magic of metaphors or something. I have never seen a metaphor beaten into the ground as hamfistedly as in that article.
Coupled with the short (he probably thinks they're "punchy") sentences standing alone as if they were paragraphs, I weep for those exposed to his writing.
2007-10-24 10:06:28
10.   Mark T.R. Donohue
8 I love the way Bill completely ignores any facts that might undermine his argument. He disses Manny Corpas for being young and having little playoff experience. Well, what about Jonathan Papelbon?

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