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Baseball Is Magic
2008-03-31 17:43
by Mark T.R. Donohue

So I was all prepared to do all sorts of analysis for the Rockies' opener today, and then I woke up with one of the worst migraine headaches I've suffered in years. I could barely move or talk, let alone analyze baseball.

And look what happened. The Rockies-Cardinals game was postponed due to inclement weather. This game works its mysteries subtly indeed.

A few thoughts from lying on the couch moaning while ESPN's Opening Day coverage played on the TV across from me: The Brewers are going to be really good once they take the closer's job away from Eric Gagne. The Giants are truly awful and they already look demoralized; they could play even worse than their talent level would suggest. I don't know if the Angels have done enough to improve their offense. It was really funny watching Juan Pierre, tented in a warmup jacket, pouting in the Dodgers' dugout when Joe Torre went for a less obvious option as a pinch hitter. Also: How did it escape my attention that Scott Proctor is still with Los Angeles? Only now does Torre's decision to take the manager's job there make sense to me.

And let's all give it up for Livan Hernandez, your Opening Day starter for the Minnesota Twins at age 65.

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