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Must Beat Diamondbacks
2008-04-12 12:50
by Mark T.R. Donohue

Hey, the Rockies are on Fox's regional broadcast today! I can't remember that happening at any point in the last three years. Progress has arrived. Unfortunately, Colorado has been unable to do much against their division rivals in the first four games they've played this year. An offensive burst in the last game against Atlanta (the scheduled fourth game of the series was snowed out, giving the Rockies a three-game sweep) proved impossible to sustain against old nemesis Brandon Webb. Jeff Francis got knocked around again, which is certainly discouraging. And today Colorado must face the Diamondbacks' marquee offseason acquisition, Dan Haren, another guy like Webb who keeps the ball down and throws strikes.

On Tuesday when I went to see the game at Coors Field it was distressing how many of the Rockies listed on the scoreboard had sub-.200 averages next to their names. That's improved a little but there are still some regulars waiting to hit -- Troy Tulowitzki, Jayson Nix, Yorvit Torrealba, Brad Hawpe. One good homestand for the squad will fix all of that, but if the Rockies are finally going to win some games on the road this year they will need at least good situational hitting from the bottom flank of their lineup.

I have been concerned about Clint Hurdle running too much -- his decision to give Scott Podsednik the last outfielders' spot was an ill omen -- but thus far he hasn't really had enough baserunners to get himself in trouble. Willy Taveras is off to a good start on the bases (4-for-4) if not at the plate and although Hurdle got Tulowitzki nailed badly a couple games ago it was a worthy two-out gamble. The Rockies' real problem right now is a team OBP of .299. This series against Arizona and the next one in San Diego will challenge them to improve upon that. The young Rockies hitters can't wait for Coors Field to pick up their numbers. Not this year. Not when they're on regional TV.

2008-04-12 13:13:47
1.   Suffering Bruin
"Must Beat Diamondbacks"

Good luck with that. From a Dodger fan...

2008-04-12 15:19:00
2.   Andrew Shimmin
The game is also on Fox Sports en Espanol, out here in L.A.; that's how I'm watching it. Rough afternoon for your Rockies.
2008-04-13 22:00:12
3.   Suffering Bruin
You beat the DBacks today.

Tell us... how did it feel? What is such an experience like?

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